6 Horror Movies of 4 Deadly Creatures

We are aware of Krampus who came from the Central European folklore. He is the anthropomorphic, horned figure being described as the “half-demon, half-goat, who, at the Christmas season, is punishing the misbehaved children and in contrasts with St. Nicholas, who is rewarding the well-behaved children with his gifts. But, the set of horror movies here are different beasts and these horror movies will surely frighten your approaching Yuletide Season.

Let us see these movies if they can make the welcoming of your Christmas a panicky one.

1. Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver, 2011

The roast killer escaped from jail and took a help from the time machine to go back to the year 1970, where he starts to slaughter the participators in the roller-boogie competition.

2. Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust, 2008

This is a riotous horror sequel, which really took a biscuit. This is a failing film studio that brings together the band of misfits that discovered themselves in a recipe for a Gingerdead Man’s fatal plot to be a human.

3. The Gingerdead Man, 2005

This evil, yet cute Gingerbread man came to life with a soul of the convicted murderer – this real life type of cookie monster wreaks chaos on a girl who sent a killer to an electric chair.

4. Elves, 1989

The young lady discovered that she was the focus of the evil Nazi experiments involving chosen breed and the summoned elves, an effort to make the race of supermen. The woman and the other two friends were trapped in the department store with the elf, and that only Dan Haggerty, being the renegade baggy-cannon Santa Claus, is bale of saving them.

5. Gremlins, 1984

The gadget salesman is searching for that special present for his son, but finds this odd one at the store in Chinatown. This shopkeeper is very reluctant on selling him the `Mogwai’, however, the shopkeeper still sells it to the man with a warning to not expose the gift to bright light, nor water, or not feed him right after midnight. But, all of this happened and the outcome is a group of gremlins that choose to tear up the city on Christmas Eve.

6. The Bumble – Rudolph, The red nose reindeer, 1964

Every year lots of families are gathered together around to watch a Rankin/Bass holiday season of special Rudolph, the famous Red-Nosed Reindeer. The Abominable Snow Ogre of the North that is also referred as The Bumble takes a sit as the most terrifying predator Rudy might meet. Forget the name-labeling and exclusion from the games, with the razor-sharp teeth with a hatred feeling for Christmas, This Abominable and the horrendous growl of rage were absolutely what is stuck in the child-brain as a bigger threat. Yes, he is later disclosed to have the toothache that’s the source of his anger. And who will forget that the sound of growling over those mountains, the sinister music, and the means Sam the Snowman shakes and squinted with the thought of Bumble?

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