A Christmas Horror Story, 2015

The film is a Canadian anthology horror movie of directors Grant Harvey, with Brett Sullivan and also Steven Hoban. This movie is the series of interwoven fables tied altogether through the means of the framework story that features William Shatner as the radio DJ.

Cast Lists

  • William Shatner appeared as Dan, the DJ Dangerous Dan
  • George Buza appeared as Norman, the Santa Claus
  • Rob Archer appeared as Krampus
  • Damir Andre appeared as the Principal Herod
  • Jeff Clark appeared as Taylor
  • Jessica Clement appeared as Grace
  • Glen Gaston appeared as Middle-Age Man
  • Adrian Holmes appeared as Scott
  • Shannon Kook appeared as Dylan
  • Zoé De Grand Maison appeared as Molly Simon
  • Michelle Nolden appeared as Diane Bauer
  • A.C. Peterson appeared as Big Earl
  • Julian Richings appeared as Gerhardt
  • Percy Hynes White appeared as Duncan
  • Brad Bennett appeared as Chomping Elf
  • Oluniké Adeliyi appeared as Kim Peters
  • Amy Forsyth appeared as Caprice Bauer
  • Corinne Conley appeared as Aunt Edda
  • Jonathan H. Caines appeared as Wire Elf
  • Orion John appeared as Will
  • Ken Hall appeared as the Shiny Elf
  • Paige Moyles appeared as Sobbing Teen
  • Debra McCabe appeared as Marta Claus
  • Alex Ozerov appeared as Ben
  • Joe Silvaggio appeared as Jingles, Changeling
  • Korina Rothery appeared as the Sparkles Elf
  • Eric Woolfe appeared as Foreman Elf


Dangerous Dan is a really alcoholic radio DJ that was stuck pulling his long shift at Bailey Downs radio base during Christmas. While broadcasting, he kept on receiving notices about the disturbance at a local mall, saying to his listeners to be away. Dan kept playing the music while the series of these four stories are being observed:

First Story

Dylan, Ben and Molly Simon have chosen to break in their school, which was a convent before, to investigate the killings of the two learners, and one was Dan’s grandson, and this occurred in their school’s basement a year before. Their pal, Caprice, was thought to go, but instead, she had to go with the parents in their out of town trip. These three end up being locked at the basement. Molly became possessed right after witnessing the bloody ghost and tried to seduce Dylan. He refused her and Molly killed him. Molly winningly seduces Ben and right after the act was done, the ghost left the body of Molly. While waking, Molly revealed that a ghost was actually the preggy teenager known as Grace, who died during the time that the school was still a convent after those nuns gave her that gruesome abortion. Now, the ghost only wanted someone to give birth to the child, but when they refuse, they’re killed – explaining the deaths of last year. Despite having winningly gotten Molly pregnant, this ghost saw Ben holding the weapon that is viewed as the threat, and then the ghost killed him.

Second Story

Scott is the police official who had been working with the murder case about the two learners from the year before; however, he had to take the leave from the police force because of his trauma. During Christmas Eve, even his wife is not wallowing him, Scott convinced his family to be at the woods owned by the “Big Earl” to chop down the Christmas tree to have their Christmas tree in the house. During a trek, Will, Scott’s son wanders off and was lost. Him and Kim, his wife, handles to locate Will inside the tree and were overjoyed to finally find him. Then Will starts acting strangely, culminating in the Big Earl contacting this family to warn them that Will was actually the changeling (Joe Silvaggio). But, after the changeling murders Scott, Kim took the changeling to the Big Earl, who stated that he is unable to aid her to look for her son because this will all depend to the changelings.

Third Story

Caprice with Duncan, her younger brother was traveling together with their parents Diane and Taylor to visit their Aunt Edda. During their visit, their Aunt told them about this mythological creature Krampus which frightened Caprice – especially right after Duncan purposely destroyed the Krampus figurine in his attempt to irritate the caretaker of Edda, Gerhardt. Their parents choose to take the kids home with Edda’s insistence; however, on the way back home, they had been in a vehicle accident that force them to walk. Conscious that they had been hunted by the Krampus because they are acting badly, the family takes refuge in the church where they attempted to confess all their sins with their belief that Krampus is going to leave them when they do this. But, they are being picked off gradually until only Caprice was the one remained. Caprice handles to go to the house of Aunt Edda. She is victorious to kill Krampus who transformed into Gerhardt. It is then revealed that he became Krampus because of his anger to the actions of the family and that Edda from the first time was really aware that all of these would happen.

Fourth Story

While on prepare for the busy Christmas, Santa discovered that all of the elves with his wife have turned to zombies after an infected elf died following the fit of rage. Santa handles to kill all of them, but is forced to fight Krampus. But, when he is about to murder Krampus, it is revealed that this “Santa” is really the Mall Santa is known as Norman (the weather forecaster at Dangerous Dan’s radio station) who had this psychotic break while on an overtime work that made him to witness the regular mall goers being zombies during their Christmas Food Drive. Policemen arrive and handle to shoot him down just when he is about to “Krampus”, and revealed as Mr. Taylor, the mall manager.

Writer’s Notion

Honestly, you will not expect much from the title of the movie and would only think to give it a chance to watch. But, you will be pleasantly surprised and will be able to found it a really well made film with some of the great cinematography and casting. There are lots of novelties, horror, cheesy films released that centered about the specific season and they seemed to be in a low budget affair that is not worth watching. This one is a great made collection of tales which all interconnect, then comes together dramatically in its finale. William is really great took his acting to life with an amusing and realistic way, with the dry comic which everyone love and know. There are plenty of gore and blood for those diehard horror fanatics and also an interesting compilation of narratives, packed with intrigue and black humor.

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