A Christmas Horror Story (2015)

A Christmas Horror Story (2015)

This is an anthology horror film by director Grant Harvey, Brett Sullivan and Steven Hoban. The movie is a sequence of interwoven tales tied altogether by the framework tale featuring William Shatner that played as the radio DJ.

The Cast List:

George Buza played as Norman or Santa Claus

William Shatner played as the DJ Dangerous Dan

Rob Archer played as Krampus

Olunike Adeliyi played as Kim Peters

Damir Andre played as Principal Herod

Brad Bennett played as Chomping Elf

Jeff Clark played as Taylor

Corinne Conley played as Aunt Edda

Jessica Clement played as Grace

Jonathan Caines played as Wire Elf

Zoé De-Grand Maison played as Molly Simon

Amy Forsyth played as Caprice Bauer

Glen Gaston played as the Middle-Aged Man

Adrian Holmes played as Scott

Percy Hynes White played as Duncan

Ken Hall played as Shiny Elf

Orion John played as Will

Shannon Kook played as Dylan

Debra McCabe played as Marta Claus

Paige Moyles played as Sobbing Teen

Michelle Nolden played as Diane Bauer

Alex Ozerov played as Ben

A.C. Peterson played as Big Earl

Joe Silvaggio played as Jingles, Changeling

Julian Richings played as Gerhardt

Korina Rothery played as Sparkles Elf

Eric Woolfe played as Foreman Elf

The Summary of the Story Line:

Dangerous Dan is the radio DJ that was stuck pulling the long transfer at the radio station in Bailey Downs during Christmas Eve. While broadcasting, the series of four horror stories were witnessed:



  • Story One

Story one A Christmas Horror Story 2015

Dylan, Ben, and Molly Simon have settled to break to their before-convent school, so they may investigate two killings that happened in the basement in the prior year. Their buddy, Caprice, was thought to go, but she chooses to go out of town with her parents. The three were ending up being locked in the school basement and the terrifying experience begins.




  • Story Two

Story two A Christmas Horror Story 2015

Scott is a police official, but it did not stop him from going to the woods owned by the “Big Earl” together with his clan to illegally reduce the Christmas tree for the family. While on a walk, Scott’s son Will wanders off and get lost. The couple discovered Will inside the tree and they were overjoyed to locate him, but their joy is just shortened when Will started to act strangely and their encounter with Big Earl and the changeling begins.



  • Story Three

Story three A Christmas Horror Story 2015

Duncan and Caprice were traveling with their parents so they may visit the elderly Aunt Etta. While on visit, Etta told to them regarding Krampus, the mythological creature that frightened Caprice, particularly after Duncan purposely behave badly in trying to irritate the caretaker Etta’s, Gerhardt. The parent settles to take the kids at home at Etta’s firmness, but on their way, the family ended up taking to the car accident, and making it essential for them to stroll. Informed that they were hunted by the Krampus because of their bad actions, every member of the family takes refuge in the church where they plead for their sins in faith that Krampus will go away if they do this. But, they were taken one by one until it is only Caprice remains. He handles to flee to the house of the Great-Aunt Etta. She was thriving in slaying Krampus who transformed into Gerhardt. It is exposed that he changed into Krampus because of his anger with the family’s actions and also Etta was really aware that this thing will happen. Furious, Caprice’s fury makes her to become Krampus and then he attacks Etta.


  • Story Four

Story four A Christmas Horror Story 2015

While so busy preparing or the Christmas season, Santa Claus discovered that all of the elves with his wife have become zombies after one of the infected elves died and follows a fit of rage. Santa handles to murder everyone, but was forced to battle with Krampus. During their battle, it is exposed that Santa was actually the Mall Santa is known as Norman who had a psychotic breakdown while on his overtime work, and this caused him to view the usual mall goers being zombies during Christmas Food Drive. Then the policemen arrive and managed to shoot him down when he was about to slay Krampus and exposed him to be the manager in the mall, Mr. Taylor. This is a trouble in the mall that the Dangerous Dan had been talking through his broadcasting.

The Writers View:

Let me begin by saying that the movie is a better shot, written and acted than the normal shocker. The film interweaves nicely the four stories and the semi-story of the DJ, William Shatner. Every story was narrated nicely and was varied in sound. The movie is so slick and directed, edited, and shot so well together – especially that there were three directors involved. The dialogue was not always its’ greatest, but heck it is really a good horror film so it is way over the average genre. There were so many nice scary scenes in the movie.

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