A Dark Song (2016)


This film is an Irish independent horror movie, directed and written by Liam Gavin and it is his directorial debut movie.

The Cast List:

Steve Oram played as Joseph Solomon
Mark Huberman played as Neil Hughes
Susan Loughnane played as Victoria Howard
Nathan Vos played as Jack
Catherine Walker played as Sophia Howard

The Story Line:


The English woman, Sophia is in her middle-age who is grieving with the deceased by her massacred son Jack who is just 7-year-old when abducted by the crowd of teens for their cult ritual. She is renting a house in the rural Wales and hired Joseph Solomon, the occultist to execute the right details in an “Abramelin”, this is a European, months-long, Kabbalistic Grimoire applied to summon a guardian angel. Sophia’s aim is to recruit the assistance of her angel to talk to her deceased son and demand revenge with the killers. But, Solomon was a short tempered person and Sophia rapidly became frustrated when she concluded the grueling rites are not working.


The tension ends in a shoving match-up where Solomon by accident fell in a big kitchen knife, and sustained a serious wound. Sophia insisted that he must seek medical attention while Solomon is being stubborn that neither can go away before the completion of the rites or they may be trapped inside the house forever. Within a couple of days, Solomon’s wound became infected and he passed away while sleeping. Sophia tries to leave with her foot after the car didn’t start, but was horrified to find out what happened, after walking the long distance; she has arrived with their similar rented house she shared before with Solomon. She then re-enters to find out demon-like creatures have physically visible themselves and claimed possession of the body of Solomon. They restrained Sophia and started torturing her through cutting off a finger of her. Sophia utters the word “sorry” and was able to free from the demons.

The Writers View:

A damaged occultist with a young determined woman risked their souls and lives in performing a dangerous rite that will give them whatever they wanted. What make the movie brilliant is the two major stars characters, who, the audience were not quite sure. The movie is already being marked as one of the top horror movies. While it is better to be skeptical regarding a certain hype or buzz, particularly with the coming out of film’s personal PR machine, in this instance, it just happened to be true. The film is bound to create it on to the many top-off the record of the year.

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