Alien: Covenant (2017)


The movie is a horror fiction film by director Ridley Scott and his third Alien movie, with the writers Dante Harper and John Logan from the story by Jack Paglen and Michael Green. The movie is the sequel to the 2012 Prometheus and the second sequel of the Alien prequel sequences, while it is the sixth overall sequel of the Alien movie series.

The Cast List:

Michael Fassbender played as the David 8 and the Walter 1, who are artificial androids. David is the earlier created android, while Walter is the latest model.

Katherine Waterston played as Daniels, a chief of the terraforming for a Covenant mission.

Billy Crudup played as Chris Oram, a Covenant’s primary mate and the husband of Karine.

Danny McBride played as Tennessee Faris, a head pilot of a Covenant and the husband of Maggie.

Demián Bichir played as Carl Lope, a leader of a security unit on board the Covenant, the husband of Sgt. Hallett.

Carmen Ejogo played as Karine Oram, a Covenant’s biologist and the wife of Chris.

Amy Seimetz played as Maggie Faris, a lander’s pilot and the wife of Tennessee.

Callie Hernandez played as Upworth, the Covenant’s communication official and wife of Rick.

Jussie Smollett played as Ricks, Upworth’s husband and the Covenant’s navigator.

Nathaniel Dean played as Hallett, Lope’s husband and an affiliate of the safety unit.

Tess Haubrich played as Sarah Rosenthal, the member of the safety unit.

Alexander England played as Ankor, the member of the safety unit.

Benjamin Rigby played as Ledward, the member of the safety unit.

Uli Latukefu played as Cole, the member of the safety unit.

James Franco played as Jacob Branson, husband of Daniels and the first Capt. of the Covenant.

Guy Pearce played as Peter Weyland, the CEO of the Weyland Corporation and the trillionaire founder.

Noomi Rapace played as the archaeologist Doctor Elizabeth Shaw.

Andrew Crawford played as neomorph

Lorelei King played the voice of the Mother, the Covenant’s computer.

Goran Kleut played mutually as neomorph and xenomorph.

The Story Line:


In the prologue, Peter Weyland, the business magnate talks with his present activated android, someone that selected the name of “David” after witnessing the imitation of Michelangelo’s figure of David. Weyland told David that there is a day that they will look for mankind’s creation together. David then commented on his personal unlimited lifespan when compared to the creator’s limited one.


In year 2104, after 11 years, the expedition of Prometheus, the ship Covenant colonization is bounded for Origae-6, the remote planet, with 15 crews, 2 thousand migrants in stasis, and about 1,140 human embryos on board. The ship was monitored by the Walter, the present model android that physically looks like David. The stellar burst breaks the ship, and kills 47 colonists. Walter ordered the ship’s computer in waking the crews, which included some of the married couples. Jake Branson, the ship’s captain was burnt alive when the stasis pod malfunctioned. During the repair of the ship, the crews pick-up the radio transmission coming from the habitable nearby planet. Contrary with the doubts of Daniels, the present captain, Oram, settles on investigating.

The Writers View:

In this movie, there were no suspense and no horror. An enduring stained on the contract that will make you feel grimy after watching it. There are no much expectations in this film. There was a less knowledge about it rather than being a sequel of the Prometheus. The movie did not have even a single redeeming scene. The plot is rambling and quite frankly with a total mess. Sadly, the editing was horrendous, and the scores totally forget the cinematography that went weirdly terrible.

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