Alone 2015

This is an Indian horror movie of director Bhushan Patel, starring. The movie is a recreation of the 2007 Thai movie with identical title, and this was also refurbished in 2011 in the south with a movie by the title Chaarulatha. The movie has gained negative reviews since Komal Nahta a Trade Analyst expected that the movie would do so well in the box office, however, the film fare honor the two head actors, but gave the movie 3 stars, and states that the reasons why Alone will succeed is because of their erotic packaging.

alone 2015 film

The Cast Lists

Bipasha Basu played as Anjana/Sanjana                                –              Neena Gupta played as Sanjana’s mother

Karan Singh Grover played as Kabir                                      –              Sagar Saikia played as Prithvi

Zakir Hussain played as the professor

The Story Line

The movie begins on a rainy evening in Kerala. A massive tree branch falls and then hits the covering of an outhouse, discharging a dark entity. The lady examining the outhouse ended in a hospital agony from her coma.

In the other town, the lady’s daughter, Sanjana, and her spouse, Kabir, disagree about not celebrating their birthdays together. Sanjana takes a call regarding her mother’s misfortune and they hurriedly fly to Kerala. At the Kerala, Sanjana started having apparitions that make her consider her dead touches twins’ soul is right after her. Her spouse does not have faith in her, and sends her off to his past professor for religious healing.

During the healing period, she told the lecturer regarding her conjoined twin siblings Anjana has always disliked that Kabir adored Sanjana more than she must be like. Besides, it was when Kabir that told Sanjana that he was arriving from abroad that Sanjana settles on separating from Anjana. It was through this procedure that Anjana passed away, and Sanjana criticized herself for her twins’ death. The lecturer assures Sanjana that her apparition of Anjana is the outcome of her remorse and only an illusion of her subconscious.

In the evening, in her mother’s location, Sanjana is required in the outhouse by a unit that is not seen. Perceiving noises, Kabir awakens and discover her unaware in the outhouse. The moment Sanjana wakes up, she is crazed by Anjana’s soul. Right after this, Anjana/Sanjana can’t get sufficient of Kabir. When the lecturer encounter her again, he senses that there something went wrong and told Kabir to maintain an eye on her and she overhears it. The custodian proposed that a ceremony be executed on Anajana/Sanjana. Right after the ceremony, Anjana’s stranglehold on Sanjana rise and her ideal color is shown, effecting in an exorcist that has been called in.

The Writers View

In every movie there have been always the better side and the bad side. In this movie, it is noticed that intimate scenarios are nearly breaking the links of a “gripping tale”. The spine alarming moments did not come that often and the background totality of the movie leaves an almost ready scene. On the contrary, the good point is that, the application of all promising creepy elements like wooden doors that creates noise, swing and a general horrific location. Amusingly, Bhushan Patel handles to infuse a good amount of anticipation in the movie and widens it to the peak point, although one begins taking the clue quite early on and the visual effects are decent and seem Patel is receiving the hang of it in each film.



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