An Evening with My Comatose Mother, 2011

The film is an American movie that is both written and directed by Jonathan Martin which was scheduled to release last 9 April 2011. This is one of the only two movies to screen two times during the Screamfest Film Festival and the only short movie to be made also.

The movie made their World Premiere commence at the popular Monsters of Filmland, the Imagi-Movies, Film Fest, at Laemelle Theater situated in Beverly Hills, in California on the 8th of April 2011. And since November 2015, this movie stands as their most awarded short horror movies of all-time together with 76 industry and festival awards, and this was also an official chosen from all over 100 movie festivals worldwide.

The primary narrative fiction film that has been placed together and this movie An Evening with My Comatose Mother had been one of those most successful of all.

Cast Lists

  • Wendy Macy appeared as Dorothy Pritchard
  • Jonathan Martin appeared as the Miscellaneous Voices 
  • Sue Rowe appeared as Juliet (voice)        
  • Collin Thorup appeared as Trick R’ Treater
  • Kaleb Thorup appeared as Trick R’ Treater
  • Jacob Frampton appeared as Trick R’ Treater
  • Alivia Leonelli appeared as Tiny Tim
  • Landon Richie appeared as the Miscellaneous Voices
  • Rick Macy appeared as Russell Poe
  • Reddy Mercury appeared as Clown
  • Daniel Drysdale appeared as Johnny (voice)
  • Rachael Thorup appeared as Trick R’ Treater
  • Michele Turner Wilson appeared as Alice Poe
  • Missy Hill appeared as Mother
  • Gary Reimer appeared as Clown (voice)
  • Britt Rowe appeared as Trick R’ Treater


Dorothy Pritchard considered that she had it simple: house sit for a wealthy Poe’s on the All Hallow’s Eve whereas fathering the cool wages. That was, until, Dorothy was introduced to a Poe’s rotting, the comatose mother dwells upstairs. As the dark of the evening comes, and with the approaching storm blacked out the area, Dorothy soon discovers herself on the nightmare ride through torture that she will only ask to be awaken from.

Writer’s Notion

The mom all every evil awakens from her slumber within the night with her comatose mom that stood for five long years and this is being awarded as the best short horror movie of all.

This movie won awards, critically praised, that played some of the top genre festivals over the planet, the movie has been a massive festival short movie favorite since 2011-2012, and had assisted to unlock the doors for possible future works. In spirit, the movie is what permitted the Bohemian Industries to enlarge in other ventures, and may always be the movie, which established the base that constructed the production company with its visual design and flare it had become identified for since Comatose had been released.

The movie was working under a modest budget and this movie could pull out every stop with the rapidly moving camera function, Hollywood quality exclusive effects that could be featured with the spread in their Make-up Artist Magazines, and the fun, yet very intense, experience. The tale itself is a classic of the babysitter, spook show, haunted house, but with the style and the energy which makes it their own.

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