Anna and the Apocalypse, 2017

The movie is a British Christmas musical zombie film by director John McPhail from the screenplay by Alan McDonald and with Ryan McHenry from McHenry’s 2010 nominated in BAFTA short Zombie Musical.

The Cast Lists

  • Ella Hunt played as Anna Shepherd
  • Ella Jarvis played as Katie
  • Paul Kaye played as Arthur Savage
  • Sarah Swire played as Steph North
  • Christopher Leveaux played as Chris
  • Janet Lawson played as Mrs. Hinzmann
  • Marli Siu played as Lisa
  • Kirsty Strain played as Ms. Wright
  • Ben Wiggins played as Nick
  • John Winchester played as Tibbsy
  • Mark Benton played as Tony Shepherd
  • Euan Bennet played as Jake
  • Jackie Bird played herself
  • Malcolm Cumming played as John
  • Calum Cormack played as Santa Claus
  • Sean Connor played as Graham

The Story Line

In the Little Haven, Scotland, Ella Hunt (Anna Shepherd) is the soon-to-be in the secondary school graduate, and she planned to travel in a year just before attending university, and much to the annoyance of Tony, her widower father. Her friends are also dealing with their personal issues: the artist and best friend John have been secretly in love and it is with her, budding movie maker Chris has been struggling with the class assignment, and the transfer student Steph has been attempting to get the social justice reporting the past of the harsh Vice Principal Mr. Savage. The one night stand of Anna, Nick, is making her life harder too. The evening in the school Christmas shows where Liza, the girlfriend of Chris has been performing. John and Anna had been working in the bowling alley in the district and Steph and Chris have gone it to the homeless protection to film for the story of Steph. During this moment, the zombie infection begins with spreading and Tony, Savage, Lisa, and Chris’s grandmother were stranded inside the school. John and Anna bonded over her the post-graduation plans right after work.

In the following morning, John and Anna left for school, totally oblivious into the zombie chaos that has been around them. The moment they encounter the zombie dressed like a snowman, Anna executes him with the seesaw. Figuring it may be too risky to go to school or to go home, they go to the bowling alley and where they meet here Chris and Steph, who had taken shelter there. Then, Steph discovers that the army evacuation has been coming into the school, and so the group planned to go there the moment it became safe. Steph and Anna discovered the zombified cleaner then Steph kills her, making alert of the crowd of zombified bowlers in breaking in. The team murders them all right after the bloody fight and then realized that getting into their beloved ones will be that hard.

The Writers View

As far as the Christmas themed and zombie musicals will go, Anna and the Apocalypse need to be greater for all out there. With the gleefully silly premise that has been backed up with most of the strong comedy and the entertaining performances throughout, this movie proved an immensely enjoyable viewing, and although the musical side will leave a bit to be desired, it is still a total delight from start to end.

Given the core premise, contrast with that likes of Shaun of Dead are inevitable, however, the brand of fun here is a bit more on the nose. The movie will surely prove one entertaining movie once again, as this will takes its little town setting and will blow it up together with the chaotic zombie outbreak, making the ordinary secondary schoolers to undead-hacking masters as they tried to make their means across town to secure. Given that the movie tries to blend so much genre together, some parts of the film are bound to remain out more than the others, and while musical elements and the Christmas don’t quite hit it right beats each time, this zombie comedy-horror was at least the consistently entertaining part of the movie.

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