Annihilation 2018

Annihilation 2018

The movie is a Psychedelic science horror fiction film directed and written by Alex Garland, from the novel of a similar name by Mr. Jeff VanderMeer. The story followed the team of scientists who entered “The Shimmer”, the strange quarantined zone of the mutating animals and plants.

The Cast Lists

Natalie Portman played as Lena

Tessa Thompson played as Josie Radek  

Josh Danford played as Shelley 

Sammy Hayman played as Mayer

Jennifer Jason Leigh played as Dr. Ventress

Mizuno also played as the Humanoid

Gina Rodriguez played as Anya Thorensen

Benedict Wong played as Lomax

David Gyasi played as Daniel

Oscar Isaac played as Kane

Sonoya Mizuno played as Katie 

Tuva Novotny played as Cassie Sheppard “Cass”

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The Story Line

The past US Army soldier and the cellular biology professor Lena is under interrogation. Formerly, she was a part of the expedition to the anomalous zone called as “the Shimmer”; however, she has been the only one that comes back. The Shimmer appear three years earlier from the meteor that set down in the lighthouse in the Blackwater National Wildlife’s Refuge (known as Blackwater National Park) in Maryland, and was gradually increasing and expanding its boundaries. Lots of exploratory expeditions had been organized, but only Kane, the husband of Lena, returned home after one year of nonappearance. Kane cannot clarify where he came from and how did he came back, because his condition had been deteriorating rapidly. Lena called the ambulance, but Kane and Lena were intercepted by the security forces and had been taken to the secret facility. Since Kane has been placed in the intensive care, the psychologist, Dr. Ventress (Leigh) prepared the latest scientific expedition to the Shimmer, together with Lena joining her. The three other women participated in the expedition: geomorphologist “Cass”, physicist Josie, and the paramedic Anya.

The group entered the Shimmer. The communication tools do not function in the Shimmer’s place, and the expedition encountered unusually mutated animals and plants: Josie has been attacked by the albino alligator with lots of line up from the shark-like teeth. In the abandoned military base, this group discovers the video message from the previous expedition of Kane. The video showed Kane using the knife in cutting and opening the abdomen of the other soldier, Mayer, to disclose his slithering intestines. This team finds the corpse of Mayer, which has turned to the overgrown camp of lichens. In the evening, the base has been attacked by the mutant bear, which drags Cass away, then, Lena later discovers her mutilated body. In the abandoned village, Josie studied the plants that had taken on the human-like form, then, theorizes that this Shimmer functions as the prism for DNA, transforming and distorting everything that falls in its boundaries, with the expedition members’ personal bodies. Anya, conquer with paranoia right after watching the changes of her fingerprints, disarms some other members and tied them to the chairs, and accused Lena of killing Cass. The bear returned and tempt Anya away by giving off a cry for aid in Cass’ voice. This bear killed Anya, while Josie handles to set free herself and fire the bear.

The Writers View

The movie Annihilation is another firm entry in the cerebral and the dark sci-fi genre for director Garland, though compared to the debut movie, this one is decidedly less constant. The film’s somber ambiance and otherworldly charts are its major assets. There are some really striking and memorable imagery in this film, which handle to be alone, disarmingly beautiful, and haunting, often all at one time. The ending act of the movie is certainly its showpiece and is where it is most powerful and sharp images reside. The final 20 minutes of the movie are where the movie reaches its full budding, presenting up a nearly amazed denouement that is visually spectacular, unsettlingly bizarre and hypnotic. It’s certainly worth watching just in this sequence. However, what comes just before its finale is more than of the mixed bag.

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