Antebellum, 2020

This film is an American thriller movie directed and written by Christopher Renz and Gerard Bush in their featured directorial debuts and the movie is about the African-American lady that finds herself in the Southern slave plantation that must escape.

Cast Lists

  • Janelle Monáe appeared as Eden/Veronica Henley
  • Jena Malone appeared as Elizabeth    
  • Marque Richardson appeared as Nick Henley
  • Robert Aramayo appeared as Daniel             
  • Tongayi Chirisa appeared as Professor Tarasai/Eli
  • Lily Cowles appeared as Sarah   
  • Arabella Landrum appeared as the Little Blonde Girl        
  • T. C. Matherne appeared as Purcell
  • Achok Majak appeared as Ghianna Queen
  • Gabourey Sidibe appeared as Dawn
  • London Boyce appeared as Kennedi Henley
  • Kiersey Clemons appeared as Julia           
  • Jack Huston appeared as Jasper
  • Eric Lange appeared as Him/Blake Denton


In the Louisiana slave plantation managed by the Confederate soldiers, the slaves are being harshly treated and are not permitted to talk unless spoken to. The people who were trying to escape are being killed and their corpse burned in the crematorium. After the failed escape attempt, the black guy named Eli watched as his spouse was being murdered and her corpse was placed in a crematorium. The woman who was assisting them was later brutally beaten who was branded by a general until she submitted to being named as Eden.

The team of new slaves has been brought to a plantation. Among them was the pregnant lady whom Elizabeth, the general’s daughter named Julia and placed in the concern of Eden. Julia asked Eden to plan the escape while Eden urged her to maintain her head down. During that night, a dinner where Eden and Julia were obligated to wait on the soldiers in the military, the shy Confederate army known as Daniel was attracted to Julia that he arranged that he will be at her cabin later. Then, Julia tried to play over his kindness and asked him to assist her, he had beaten her for talking when not spoken, causing her to fail.

In the cabin after being molested by a general, Eden hears the ringing cellular phone. In the current time, the cellular phone rings, waking up Eden, who was really a renowned sociologist known as Dr. Veronica Henley. Then, she got ready to take the trip to talk and promote the book, which is mainly hard for her since she had to leave her husband Nick and Kennedi, their daughter. She has an odd online meeting together with Elizabeth which left her uncomfortable, but then she dismissed what she is feeling and cuts a meeting shortly.

Writer’s Notion

The film had the chance of becoming a very interesting movie. One that could had been one of the must see movie, but it failed short. Initially, you will get excited and intrigued, but as the film shifted to its final segment, you will start to have that sense of where the movie is taking you. It was not just as clever as you would think it could have been. The movie is missing so much in the story and the creative elements which you will be left wanting.

The final twist is quickly revealed, that it makes its twist stupid. When, the movie is just being presented in a much different way, it can possibly alter any impressions you might probably have. It can be said that, the movie is visually appealing, however, that does not make up for a substance that it lacks. The movie stars begin interesting, but it ended with the viewers feeling disenchanted and then let down. The borderline of the movie is predictable and boring. The audience can give their credits to those people that marketed this movie and not with the movie writers and producers.

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