Apostle 2018

Apostle 2018

The film is a period horror movie directed and written by Gareth Evans. It has gained positive reviews from its critics for its cinematography, performances, visuals, and exclusive merge of horror genres.

The Cast Lists

Dan Stevens played as Thomas Richardson, brother of Jennifer that sets out to save her

Michael Sheen played as Malcolm Howe, head of the island cult

Lucy Boynton as Andrea Howe, daughter of Malcolm

Kristine Froseth played as Ffion, Jeremy’s lover and Quinn’s daughter

Paul Higgins played as Frank, Jeremy’s father and the cult’s founder

Ross O’Hennessy played as unnamed cultists

Mark Lewis Jones played as Quinn, Second-in-command of Malcolm’s and Ffion’s father

Bill Milner played as Jeremy, Ffion’s lover and Frank’s son

Sharon Morgan played as Her, the goddess of the cult

Gareth Pierce played as unnamed cultists

Sebastian McCheyne played as The Grinder, the keeper of Her and the bloodied humanoid creature

Allen, Rhys played as Jennifer Richardson, the sister of Thomas that has been abducted by Malcolm’s cult

The Story Line

In year 1905, Thomas Richardson takes a trip to the remote Welsh island in trying to save Jennifer, his sister, who has been abducted and held for some ransom by the mysterious cult. Posturing as alter to the cult, Richardson arrived and meet with Malcolm Howe the leader, who established the cult with the other two convicts, Quinn and Frank. They claimed that the recently barren island has been tendered fertile through the blood sacrifice. Every affiliate of the cult kept the jar for normal bloodletting. Thomas also discovered teenagers Ffion and Jeremy– daughter of Quinn and the son of Frank, respectively – slipping home after a meeting. He forces Jeremy in admitting that Jennifer, whom Malcolm is offering to cult associates as the captured spy, was abducted for ransom as a cult does not own the resources to reimburse for the constant animal sacrifices needs to maintain the fertility of the island.

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Malcolm suspected the secret agent among the beginners and questioned them. One of those men attempted to assassinate Malcolm; however, Thomas intervenes and was badly wounded through the ordeal. Malcolm rapidly has him cured and promises that the loyalty he granted will be rewarded. That same night, Malcolm march Jennifer inside the village, and claiming that she is the traitor and will then be killed if the co-conspirator will not go near. Thomas accessed the tunnel underneath the house of Malcolm and escape from what seems to be an elderly woman who pursued him. He escaped to the beach cave enclosed in markings, signifying the presence of the deity on an island. Malcolm Howe visited the barn where an old lady, who is, in reality, the deity in the island, is jailed in tree roots; and he warned her for emerging to Thomas just before feeding her with his blood, making the vegetation punishing her to bloom. Andrea the daughter of Malcolm brings Thomas to the cave and offered to assist him. He told her that he had been the Christian missionary who had been persecuted at Peking during a Boxer Rebellion for launching Christianity in China, which as a result had vanishes his faith. She brings him to the shack in the wheat field for him to hide.


The Writers View

This film is the absolute gift for anybody that loves real horror. The movie is a beautifully written and acted piece. The movie’s tone is driving, its pacing is perfect and the rhythmic, and there was never a point in the film where the audience will get bored. All of the characters had been fleshed out and so easy to understand with. In general, it is thought as fantastic. It has been thought as a waste if you did not have any idea and don’t even bother to check the trailer. Before deciding to watch a movie, one must have the idea of who the cast are because without reading anything about them, you will be surprised when you watch what you are not expecting to see. But, in this movie, you will not be that disappointed because it came like a bit of pleasant surprise and you will surely appreciate its appropriate music background.

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