Awoken, 2019

It is a mystery, horror and thriller movie of director Daniel J. Phillips and with himself as the writer together with Alan Grace.

Cast Lists

  • Erik Thomson appeared as Robert
  • Sara West appeared as Karla
  • Jessica Burgess appeared as a Student   
  • Amelia Douglass appeared Alice
  • Benson Jack Anthony appeared as Blake
  • Melanie Munt appeared as Sarah
  • Joe Romeo appeared as Martin 
  • Berynn Schwerdt appeared as Earl
  • Adam Ovadia appeared as Christopher  
  • Felicia Tassone appeared as Angela
  • William Walker appeared as the Young Blake
  • Matt Crook appeared as Patrick
  • Hannah Irwin appeared as a Student
  • Alexander Lloyd appeared as Bazelli
  • Rob MacPherson appeared as Doctor Mulcahy
  • Paul Reichstein appeared as William Dawson
  • Mark Saturno appeared as Sangermano
  • Jules Dawson


There are three patients that have sleep disorders in the forgotten or secret basement of the clinical university being illegally taken care of by the doctor with drugs that are not approved. They are all inside the same room and only with the observation window. Only 1 is a woman that has ‘night terrors’. The woman is obviously scared of the new admitted patient, the sibling of the lady lead CJ, one medical intern. He has serious familial insomnia and also their mom had this illness. He acted like he is possessed, sitting at the edge of his bed, hunched above with his back bones pushing out, the eyes are changing in color and more than once. He is murmuring in a devil voice with a devil smile – all of that his sister signals off, staring confused.

The lady patient grabs CJ, hysterically crying, she is afraid and said that she is afraid and wanted to leave, but then, CJ basically push her back down over the bed and utters ‘you will be fine the moment you take your medicines’ then left the room and then lock the door. The female patient then climbs up onto the chair’s back and then place a chain with the type of noose around the neck, then smiles and said in one demon voice “it’s for you CJ” whilst CJ is standing in an open door now and said NO! But, or else has stopped in a doorway and did not rush to attempt and stop the female from hanging herself, as a substitute watched her stepping off a chair, duck back and ruptured into tears and did absolutely nothing that may stop her from stifling to death. Self hanged does not cause instant death and she does not even ask for help. The crazy brother is just sitting there like one grinning moron and also there is one more male patient in the bedroom with the headphones on that appears strong and young- he might have helped hold a lady up to shun from strangulation, but he had his back turned but, CJ does not ask for some help.

CJ saw an old VHS video of her mother being possessed and torn out pages of the bible, when her sibling is not doing exactly the same thing in a similar manner. Karla here is just trying to heal Blake, her brother, from the terminal sleep illness known as Fatal Familial Insomnia, wherein you’re not able to sleep or nap until you die. With her quest of treating him, an even more sinister cause for his condition has been revealed.

Writer’s Notion

The production of the movie is higher and better than lots of other cheap horror movies, however, so much was just lame. The acting was not really terrible, and the script is not really great, the plot was executed poorly, although the idea had immense possibilities but, it just flaked out.

There are also some wondering that might give the viewers about, why one room with three sleep deprived patients that may possibly show erratic attitude had three chain nooses hanged-off the ceiling. There is no reason why will you hang chains looped around just to make the slide noose like the dog’s choke chain could be hanging off the ceiling. Their elevator is not working, the staircase had collapsed, there had no phone out, the cell phones are not working, and nobody is aware that the place existed – and so how did she go out?

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