Better Watch Out, 2016

The movie is an Australian-American psychological and horror film under the direction of Chris Peckover and with the writer Zack Kahn and also Peckover.

The Cast Lists

  • Olivia DeJonge played as Ashley
  • Ed Oxenbould played as Garrett
  • Levi Miller played as Luke Lerner
  • Aleks Mikic played as Ricky
  • Dacre Montgomery played as Jeremy
  • Virginia Madsen played as Deandra Lerner
  • Patrick Warburton played as Robert Lerner

The Story Line

During Christmas time, Ashley, a 17-year-old is babysitting the 12-year-old precocious Luke Lerner. Luke had some romantic feelings for his babysitter Ashley and unsuccessfully tries to seduce her during those moments of him watching the horror film. Some strange happenings from the outside place Ashley on the edge, but it is an ultimately appeared to be just like Garrett, Luke’s best friend, who had arrived to visit. Listening to the window break upstairs, this trio discovered the brick inscribed with the “U leave and then U die.” Garrett then panics and run into the back door, but has been apparently killed by the unknown shooter.

Still shocked, Luke and Ashley run upstairs and then hide in their attic. Ashley is just about to break her neck from the fall, but Luke happened to catch her. After that they run to Luke’s room, then, hide inside the closet, the armed masked intruder holding his shotgun walks in. Then, Ashley recognized the mask since it is one of Luke’s, then yanks it off to the intruder, exposing Garrett. Ashley realized that Luke was anticipating in seducing her through scaring her. Ashley got angry and yelled at Luke, naming him as mental and then saying that he needs some therapy and attempts to leave. When they are at the peak of the stairs, she has been hit by the gun of Luke, making her fall down the stairs, then, was knocked unconscious.

Luke unites Ashley with a duct tape, obliging her to play the truth or dare. Ricky, her boyfriend arrives at Luke’s house after taking the text message that has been sent by Ashley before the fall. When Ricky failed to locate Ashley, he realized that there is something wrong. Luke tried to knock him but failed. After almost killing Luke, Ricky has been threatened by Garrett by their shotgun. Luke knocks off Ricky out and then, they tie him beside Ashley.

The Writers View

Let me share with you some advice. I do not really wanted to say much than that because of fear that I might ruin any piece in the movie. I must say that the movie is part funny, part scary, largely entertaining and totally surprising. The presentation is great. There is no need to illustrate why they are the best since it will only provide something away. Just letting you know that they are superb.

The movie is plot-wise, and the most that I may say is that the attractive female babysitter arrives to watch the junior high school lad while the parents have been out for that evening. After that, visitors arrived and then stuff happens and plentiful of stuffs.

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