Black Christmas, 2006

This slasher movie of director and writer Glen Morgan stars Katie Cassidy as the lead actress. The movie took place some days before Christmas that told the tale of the team of sorority sisters that were stalked and killed in their dwelling place during the winter storm.

Cast Lists

  • Katie Cassidy appeared as Kelli Presley  
  • Kristen Cloke appeared as Leigh Colvin  
  • Dean Friss appeared as Agnes Lenz
  • Oliver Hudson appeared as Kyle Autry   
  • LenzLeela Savasta appeared as Clair Crosby
  • Karin Konoval appeared as Constance Lenz
  • Andrea Martin appeared as Barbara MacHenry 
  • Michelle Trachtenberg appeared as Melissa Kitt
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead appeared as Heather Fitzgerald
  • Lacey Chabert appeared as Dana Mathis
  • Christina Crivici appeared as Young Agnes
  • Crystal Lowe appeared as Lauren Hannon
  • Jessica Harmon appeared as Megan Helms
  • Howar Siegel appeared as the Stepfather
  • Kathleen Kole appeared as Eve Agnew
  • Robert Mann appeared as Billy
  • Peter Wilds appeared as Frank Lenz
  • Cainan Wiebe appeared as Young Billy


Billy Lenz, the boy that is born with harsh jaundice, is continually abused by the mother, Constance. Through the assistance of her lover, Constance murdered Frank, Billy’s father during Christmas Eve in 1975 and buried the body in the crawlspace of the house. When Billy witnessed the scheme, she imprisoned him at their attic. In year 1982, Constance impregnates herself through her own son from the attic because her boyfriend is impotence to give her a child. After 9 months, Constance gave birth to her daughter Agnes and used the instances of Agnes’ birth so she can further reject Billy.

During Christmas 1991, Billy escaped from the attic, disfigured the 8-year-old Agnes through scratching out her eye. Then he brutally murdered Constance and her lover. Then, he was caught by the police eating cookies, that is made out of the flesh of Constance and was sent to the mental asylum then Agnes was sent to one local orphanage. After 15 years, during Christmas Eve, Billy is now 36, escaped from his cell, then, heads directly to his previous home, now one sorority house for the Delta Alpha Kappa in the Clemson University outside of Boston. In their house, Clair, member of those sorority girls was killed in her bedroom of an unknown figure. In the meantime, Megan starts to hear some noises and went up to their attic to have an investigation. Upon locating Clair’s corpse, Megan was attacked and murdered by the similar assailant.

At the living room, those sorority sisters, Kelli, Melissa, Heather, Dana and Lauren, along with the housemother Mrs. Mac, took a frightening call from a killer. Leigh Colvin, the half-sister Clair soon arrived, looking for her. Kyle, Kelli’s boyfriend arrived too, but was kicked out because Kelli discovered Megan’s sex video. When the power went out, Dana went to the main line breaker on the underground, but encountered a figure at the crawlspace and was killed. The moment they realized Dana’s trap of the figure, the Leigh and the other sorority members went out to look for her only to locate Eve, their fellow sister decapitated inside the car.

Writer’s Notion

The remake is a good one because there are times that remakes are not always great, but this is one is better, I can say. The story had been explained more and the explanations here are better than killings. The ending part is admirable where the killers die, although, the girls here got the viewers trick, when let us think that they are going to go naked, but not. The film followed the similar path of the original and created more to it, and did not do their personal thing. You will surely like this movie as much as you like the original one.

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