Bride of Chucky, 1998

The film is an American black comedy and slasher movie of director Ronny Yu with the writer Don Mancini. This is the fourth installment of the Child’s Play franchise, and unlike the primary three films, this Bride of Chucky seizes a markedly humorous rotating point towards self-referential spoof. It doesn’t continue the child’s concept of possessing a doll, but mainly focused on Chucky.

Cast Lists on Live action:

  • Jennifer Tilly appeared as Tiffany Valentine
  • Lawrence Dane appeared as Lt. Preston
  • James Gallanders appeared as Russ         
  • Michael Louis Johnson appeared as the Officer “Needlenose” Norton
  • Janet Kidder appeared as Diane
  • Nick Stabile appeared as Jesse Miller      
  • Alexis Arquette appeared as Damien Baylock/Howard Fitzwater
  • Vince Corazza appeared as the Officer Robert Bailey
  • Gordon Michael Woolvett appeared as David Collins
  • Brad Dourif appeared as the Chucky’s voice
  • Katherine Heigl appeared as Jade Kincaid
  • Kathy Najimy appeared as the Motel Maid
  • John Ritter appeared as the Chief Warren Kincaid

Cast Lists on Puppeteers:

  • Pamela Cveticanin appeared as Tiffany
  • Brock Winkless appeared as Chucky


A month after the Child’s Play 3events, Tiffany Valentine, the previous lover and partner in crime of the serial slayer Charles Lee Ray, bribes the police official into giving her a dismembered kid’s doll parts from the proof locker then killed him. Believing that the soul of Ray still inhabited a doll, Tiffany crudely stitch the back of Chucky together and reenacted the voodoo ritual that have installed the soul of Ray inside a doll 10 years ago. Although the incantations primarily fail, Chucky unexpectedly becomes alive and smothers the goth admirer Tiffany, who is Damien into his end with the pillows as Tiffany looked in excitement.

Hoping on picking up where they had left off, Tiffany presented Chucky with the diamond ring that he had left to her the evening he was killed. When he realized that Tiffany thought the gift as an engagement ring, that time, Chucky explained that he took it from a wealthier victim when he was one notorious human serial slayer. Heartbroken and enraged, Tiffany punished Chucky through locking him in the playpen. Then later, she provides him the talking doll in the wedding dress to have fun of him.

Then Chucky escaped the playpen and murdered Tiffany through pushing the TV set into the bathtub and then electrocuting her. Then he transported her soul to the bride doll.

Then Chucky revealed his plan with Tiffany that they should retrieved the magical amulet that had been buried with the body of Ray, just in order to transfer the souls in the bodies of the neighbor of Tiffany, known as Jesse with the girlfriend Jade. Tiffany transmits Jesse a message which asked him to take those two dolls to the Hackensack, New Jersey, for some money exchange. Eager to escape with Jade, his girlfriend, and had been foiled with the past through Chief Warren Kincaid, her possessive and strict uncle, Jesse accepted the offer. Warren planted the bag of marijuana inside the can of Jesse in framing him. To halt him from sabotaging the plan, Tiffany and Chucky rig the trap which embeds some nails into the face of Warren, then hides the body. Jade and Jesse returned and started their trip.

Writer’s Notion

This film is even better than it sounded. After the last 2 sequels of the “Child’s Play”, this one is expected to become worse, but this one was really full of fun. The film does not take itself too seriously for a minute and their situations and lines are quite funny. Also there’d some very gory killings thrown in to satisfying the horror fanatics and the movie did not stop shifting. The movie also had some things typically not found in the horror movie–the gay best friend who’s intelligent and did not play just for laughs and the sequence wherein Stabile had his shirt off in order to show the muscular body.

The acting here is good–Stabile was a very handsome, young and really likable; Heigl does not have that much to do, however, pulled it off and then Brad Dourif and Tilly were hilarious as the killer dolls. Some of the most preferred here is the scene when the dolls have their mating (sex), where she asked for the rubber and he responded, “I am MADE of rubber, hahaha!, truly funny!” The special effects were all good and this is just one of the many horror movies to mix violence and humor in a very entertaining way.

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