Brightburn 2019

Brightburn, 2019

This American superhero, horror movie of director David Yarovesky was written by Brian and Mark Gunn under the production of Kenneth Huang and James Gunn. It followed Brandon Breyer the young lad of extraterrestrial beginning to rear on the earth and realizes that he had superpowers. Upon discovering them and being persuaded by the mode of transport he land in, Brandon rejected his humanity and became evil, opting to frighten the hometown with his parents.

Cast Lists

  • Stephen Blackehart appeared as Travis  
  • Elizabeth Becka appeared as the school principal of Brandon.
  • Steve Agee appeared as EJ                          
  • Mike Dunston, appeared as the gym teacher      
  • Elizabeth Banks appeared as Tori Breyer: the adoptive mother of Brandon and Kyle’s wife
  • Abraham Clinkscales appeared as Royce: the young boy that bullied Brandon
  • David Denman appeared as Kyle Breyer: the adoptive father of Brandon and Tori’s husband
  • Jackson Dunn appeared as Brandon Breyer / the Brightburn: the superpowered alien that has been embraced by the family of Breyer.
  • Christian Finlayson appeared as Fauxhawk: a kid who bullies Brandon
  • Meredith Hagner appeared as Merilee McNichol: sister of Tori and Brandon’s aunt.
  • Jennifer Holland appeared as Ms. Espenschied: the school director of Brandon
  • Emmie Hunter appeared as Caitlyn Connor: the love interest of Brandon
  • Anne Humphrey appeared as Deputy Aryes: partner of Deever
  • Matt Jones appeared as Noah McNichol: Merilee’s husband and Brandon’s uncle
  • Michael Rooker appeared as Big T: the conspiracy theory blogger that reports on a super-powered being
  • Terence Rosemore appeared as a reporter
  • Becky Wahlstrom appeared as Erica Connor: mother of Caitlyn who dislikes Brandon
  • Gregory Alan Williams appeared as the Sheriff Deever: the local sheriff of the small town
  • Rainn Wilson appeared his character as Crimson Bolt from the James Gunn’s Super.


During 2006, the spaceship crash-lands at Brightburn, Kansas, at the farm being owned by Kyle and Tori Breyer, who had been having hard times conceiving a child. On the ship is a baby child that the married couple adopts and they named him Brandon. They make a secret of the spaceship in the barn’s cellar to conceal the reality from him.

After 12 years in 2018, that ship starts transmitting the alien message and drawing Brandon onto it. He walks while sleeping, going to the barn where he tried to unlock the cellar, singing the message of the craft, but Tori interferes and he takes him going back inside the house. The following day as he tries to mow the grass, Brandon has had a hard time starting the lawnmower, then inadvertently launches the mow into the air, and tossed it for more than a hundred feet or 30m away. He then approaches it, since it’s overturned, but still running. He was curious about his brand new abilities, then, he stopped the motorized blade in his hand.

Brandon displayed extremely high intelligence when in school, and other students are teasing him about this, but this girl named Caitlyn is consoling him. When they are celebrating the 12th birthday of Brandon in a diner where Erica, the mother Caitlyn is the waitress, Noah and Merilee, the friends of his parents give him a gift of a hunting rifle, but Kyle refused to let Brandon own it. Brandon insisted that he must have that rifle and acted insolently, making a scene, so Tori and Kyle bring him home immediately. In the following morning Kyle suspected that something is really wrong with Brandon the moment he locates him absent-mindedly mangling his fork and chewing during breakfast. Tori located photos of swimsuit models and lingerie, surgical diagrams, and some graphic photos of the human organs inside the room of Brandon.

Writer’s Notion

The movie does not have any happy ending, but it was enjoyable to watch. The movie successfully built its way up to the inevitable sequel that would hope fulfills with similar nastiness and the need for hope of the movie. If you want the “good guys” to be in victory, then, this movie is not really meant for you to watch, but if you are someone who is a realist, then, you will surely love this film.

However the movie suffered from poor pacing and writing, but the concept is just great. However, there had been much time spent on building up, but there had been too little done to come up with a solution to their trouble. Most part of the film is spent on clarifications.

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