Carnage Park (2016)


The film is a crime, horror thriller movie written by director Mickey Keating. Keating illustrated Carnage Park as a nod to movies by Peter Watkins and Sam Peckinpah that were created in 1970s, and he created the movie around that concept.

The Cast List:

Ashley Bell played as Vivian Fontaine

Bob Bancroft played as a bank manager

Larry Fessenden played as Travis

Pat Healy played as Wyatt Moss

James Landry Hebert played as Scorpion Joe

Michael Villar played as Lenny

Alan Ruck – Sheriff Moss

Darby Stanchfield

The Story Line:


In 1978, two robbers, Lenny and the so-called Scorpion Joe, escape into the wilderness with the hostage, Vivian, after the failed heist. Lenny passed away of a gunfire wound undergo during the escape, and then Joe pushed Vivian to assist him in disposing of Lenny’s corpse. After the failed escape effort, Vivian explained that she was in the bank to look for a loan to rescue the family’s farm. When she secretly reached for the switchblade on the ground of Joe’s auto, a hidden assailant blasted one of the auto tires. Joe chains Vivian to the routing wheel and exited the auto, boasting that he might murder whoever blast at them. The covert sniper murdered Joe, then, goes up to speak to Vivian. Wyatt Moss, the sniper told her that she is intruding on personal property, and insisted he had all the legal right to murder Joe. Vivian requested him to let go of her, but instead, he bangs her out with the drug.


The sheriff, Wyatt’s brother, visited Wyatt’s composite to inquire if he has notice Vivian. Wyatt denied any information about her, and the brother warned him that she is really well-known for the killing to be quiet. When Vivian wakes-up she is chained to Joe’s body in the car. She yanks the body out of the auto and assisted with a rock to break the handcuff. The moment she is free, she strolls towards the PA system that has the record player fastened. When she played the album over it, the tape of a warning siren, Wyatt then takes some shots at her. Vivian takes off the chain while running, followed by Wyatt. After being away from a trapped pit, Vivian discovered an apparently deceased lady who has a shiv. Vivian takes the weapon, surprising the lady to semi-consciousness. When Vivian tries to recover her, Wyatt shoots to kill the lady. The sheriff discovered Lenny’s corpse and loudly proclaims that he is coming into the compound. When Wyatt was distracted, Vivian shocks him with a strike, then, gets the rifle from him, to shoot him.

The Writers View:

This movie is a new horror movie by director Mickey Keating. Keating placed out two attractive solid horror movies last year, Darling and Pod, so it is for sure that the viewers were all excited to check out the latest offering. Almost immediately the movie was interesting, the opening scenarios did a great job of setting the tone of the movie, then starting there they jump right in the service to one of the best scenarios from Quentin Tarantino’s, the Reservoir Dogs. The initial 30-minutes were Millhouse asked that is so nice. The primary character that was introduced was a cool character, Scorpion Joe, the kind of personality that was not usually seen in horror movies. Then, Vivian was introduced and she played the part so well, but her character was somewhat not that interesting. Sadly, though, right after the 30-minutes point the movie begins to get pretty plain.


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