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Friend Request (2016)

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The film is an English-language of a German psychological, supernatural horror movie by director Simon Verhoeven and with writer Matthew Ballen, Philip Koch and Verhoeven.

The Cast List:

Alycia Debnam-Carey played as Laura Woodson

Liesl Ahlers played as Marina Mills or Marina Nedifar

Shashawnee Hall played as Detective Cameron

Connor Paolo played as Kobe

William Moseley played as Tyler McCormick

Brit Morgan played as Olivia Mathison

Brooke Markham played as Isabel

Sean Marquette played as Gustavo Garcia

The Story Line:


Laura was one of the famous learners in her college and takes pleasure an active social living with family members and has many friends. She is always on the go with social media and had more than 800 friends on the social account, Facebook. She stays in a house with three friends, Isabel, Gustavo and Olivia. She is also close to friends Kobe and is presently dating Tyler.

Laura takes the friend request from one of the students at their campus, Marina Mills. Viewing her animation talents, she accepted the friend request and started the friendship with a lonely girl. But, she notices immediately that the Facebook profile of Marina’s is plastered with disturbing and bizarre images and the obsessive behavior started to put Laura to feel uncomfortable. Then Laura shares photos of birthday dinner where Marina was not present, Marina angrily and publicly confronted her on the campus. During their fight, Laura by accident pushed Marina and the head-hood falls off, and it reveals the Marina’s baldness, and this cause Marina to go away. Laura observed Marina’s numerous comments and was trying to say sorry to her, but Laura eventually cut her friendship with Marina on Facebook.

Scene 180 INT/EXT Factory Shaft; Laura runs into Demon Marina & Marina child.

Seeing that her number of friends became zero again, the heartbroken Marina crossly closed her laptop. That evening, Laura noticed the black mirror, which illustrates the forest where the dark figure was seen walking. When Laura was staring at it, the demonic terrifying face appeared behind her, but rapidly disappeared when Olivia opens the light. Then another night, Marina uploaded the video, showing her burnt the illustration of Laura and committed suicide by placing herself hang, and this terrifies Laura.

The Writers View:

The internet may be a dark place. It is that way since people are more comfortable about saying how they feels on matters when they were hidden at the back of a computer screen, rather than facing them with someone. Through this darkness as the movie subject has been stroked on, but not totally mastered by Hollywood.

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A Christmas Horror Story (2015)

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A Christmas Horror Story (2015)

This is an anthology horror film by director Grant Harvey, Brett Sullivan and Steven Hoban. The movie is a sequence of interwoven tales tied altogether by the framework tale featuring William Shatner that played as the radio DJ.

The Cast List:

George Buza played as Norman or Santa Claus

William Shatner played as the DJ Dangerous Dan

Rob Archer played as Krampus

Olunike Adeliyi played as Kim Peters

Damir Andre played as Principal Herod

Brad Bennett played as Chomping Elf

Jeff Clark played as Taylor

Corinne Conley played as Aunt Edda

Jessica Clement played as Grace

Jonathan Caines played as Wire Elf

Zoé De-Grand Maison played as Molly Simon

Amy Forsyth played as Caprice Bauer

Glen Gaston played as the Middle-Aged Man

Adrian Holmes played as Scott

Percy Hynes White played as Duncan

Ken Hall played as Shiny Elf

Orion John played as Will

Shannon Kook played as Dylan

Debra McCabe played as Marta Claus

Paige Moyles played as Sobbing Teen

Michelle Nolden played as Diane Bauer

Alex Ozerov played as Ben

A.C. Peterson played as Big Earl

Joe Silvaggio played as Jingles, Changeling

Julian Richings played as Gerhardt

Korina Rothery played as Sparkles Elf

Eric Woolfe played as Foreman Elf

The Summary of the Story Line:

Dangerous Dan is the radio DJ that was stuck pulling the long transfer at the radio station in Bailey Downs during Christmas Eve. While broadcasting, the series of four horror stories were witnessed:



  • Story One

Story one A Christmas Horror Story 2015

Dylan, Ben, and Molly Simon have settled to break to their before-convent school, so they may investigate two killings that happened in the basement in the prior year. Their buddy, Caprice, was thought to go, but she chooses to go out of town with her parents. The three were ending up being locked in the school basement and the terrifying experience begins.




  • Story Two

Story two A Christmas Horror Story 2015

Scott is a police official, but it did not stop him from going to the woods owned by the “Big Earl” together with his clan to illegally reduce the Christmas tree for the family. While on a walk, Scott’s son Will wanders off and get lost. The couple discovered Will inside the tree and they were overjoyed to locate him, but their joy is just shortened when Will started to act strangely and their encounter with Big Earl and the changeling begins.



  • Story Three

Story three A Christmas Horror Story 2015

Duncan and Caprice were traveling with their parents so they may visit the elderly Aunt Etta. While on visit, Etta told to them regarding Krampus, the mythological creature that frightened Caprice, particularly after Duncan purposely behave badly in trying to irritate the caretaker Etta’s, Gerhardt. The parent settles to take the kids at home at Etta’s firmness, but on their way, the family ended up taking to the car accident, and making it essential for them to stroll. Informed that they were hunted by the Krampus because of their bad actions, every member of the family takes refuge in the church where they plead for their sins in faith that Krampus will go away if they do this. But, they were taken one by one until it is only Caprice remains. He handles to flee to the house of the Great-Aunt Etta. She was thriving in slaying Krampus who transformed into Gerhardt. It is exposed that he changed into Krampus because of his anger with the family’s actions and also Etta was really aware that this thing will happen. Furious, Caprice’s fury makes her to become Krampus and then he attacks Etta.


  • Story Four

Story four A Christmas Horror Story 2015

While so busy preparing or the Christmas season, Santa Claus discovered that all of the elves with his wife have become zombies after one of the infected elves died and follows a fit of rage. Santa handles to murder everyone, but was forced to battle with Krampus. During their battle, it is exposed that Santa was actually the Mall Santa is known as Norman who had a psychotic breakdown while on his overtime work, and this caused him to view the usual mall goers being zombies during Christmas Food Drive. Then the policemen arrive and managed to shoot him down when he was about to slay Krampus and exposed him to be the manager in the mall, Mr. Taylor. This is a trouble in the mall that the Dangerous Dan had been talking through his broadcasting.

The Writers View:

Let me begin by saying that the movie is a better shot, written and acted than the normal shocker. The film interweaves nicely the four stories and the semi-story of the DJ, William Shatner. Every story was narrated nicely and was varied in sound. The movie is so slick and directed, edited, and shot so well together – especially that there were three directors involved. The dialogue was not always its’ greatest, but heck it is really a good horror film so it is way over the average genre. There were so many nice scary scenes in the movie.

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Murder, She Baked (2016)

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The movie is a TV movie series, from the cozy mystery novels of writer Joanne Fluke. The TV film center in the little city-baker Hannah Swensen, with Detective Mike Kingston, and there were five films for this Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel that have been made from Fluke’s book series.

The Cast Lists:

Alison Sweeney played as Hannah Swensen

Lisa Durupt played as Andrea, sister of Hannah

Gabriel Hogan played as Doc Norman Rhodes, Hannah’s close friend and the dentist

Toby Levins played being Detective Bill Todd, the local detective that marries Andrea

Cameron Mathison played as Detective Mike Kingston, the presently widowed homicide detective that transferred into town coming from the city

Barbara Niven played as Delores Swensen, Andrea’s mother and Hannah

The Film Series Story Line:


  • Series No. 1 – “A Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery”

The series is directed by Mark Jean with the writer Nancey Silvers and Joanne Fluke. Hannah Swensen, is a baker that turned that amateur sleuth right after discovering her friend and the delivery driver was shot to death just behind the shop, of the bakery of the Cookie Jar.

  • Series No. 2 – “A Plum Pudding Mystery”   

The series is directed by Kristoffer Tabori and written by Nancey Silvers and Joanne Fluke. It is about a guy that was murdered in his office. The records of the suspects are really a long one, from the bitter ex-spouse to the exasperated investors. But, Hannah with the love interest, Mike Kingston, a Detective was on the case.

  • Series No. 3 – “A Peach Cobbler Mystery”

The series is under director Kristoffer Tabori with writer Teena and Joanne Fluke. The story goes, after a rival store inaugurates, and one from the owner was located shot to kill inside. Hannah was strong willed to confirm that she was not alone who had an axe that will grind the Quinn sisters. Someone was not fooled by the sweet-as-the pie act, and it depends to Hannah to find whoever beat up this killing.

  • Series No. 4 – “Murder, She Baked: A Deadly Recipe”

Hannah discovers herself been involved in one more murder. This one left the deceased sheriff, a deputy being accused, with a murderer on the loose. To let matters worse, the indict deputy was Bill, her brother-in-law, who is flowing towards the sheriff of the coming election. The series is directed by Kristoffer Tabori.

  • Series No. 5 – “Murder, She Baked: Just Desserts”

Kristoffer Tabori again directed the fifth series of Hannah, who had her first-ever bake-off on TV competition that became deadly. It is because Leonard Bishop, the grumpy, judge high school coach was found dead and with a very unnatural cause. The detective boyfriend Mike and Hannah discovered some indications that some of the other judges can also be targeted, with Hannah as well.


The Writers View:

The movie plays the perfect fantasy and also created an appealing character with Hannah Swenson, the owner of the little town bakery that likes to dabble in the police dealings. She may take away numerously just like Jane Marple because the instincts were right. She bakes so many delicious goodies that no one wanted to incarcerate her particularly the sheriff who adore her delivery to the station.

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Holidays (2016)

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Holidays 2016 poster 2

This film is a horror anthology movie of subversive short, terrifying films, and each inspired by different celebration. There are many directors in the making of this movie and one of them is the writer, director Scott Stewart for the Christmas episode. Adam Egypt Mortimer directed the New Year’s Eve episode with writers Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kölsch.

The Christmas Cast List:

Kalos Cluff

Seth Green

Clare Grant

Richard DiLorenzo

John Johnson

Michael Sun Lee

Shawn Parsons

Wes Robertson

Karina Noelle

Scott Stewart

The New Year’s Eve Cast List:

Andrew Bowen

Megan Duffy

Lorenza Izzo

The Christmas Story Line:

download (1)

Pete Gunderson was late and trying to purchase a virtual glass for his son. The guy before him bought them but abruptly had a heart attack and was not able to get his pills. Instead of assisting the guy, Pete stole the glasses and rushed to go home. During Christmas day, Bobby, Pete’s son, was overjoyed. The glasses make your ideas and thoughts to become a virtual game. Out of interest, Pete tested them and sees the stripper initially, but those virtual glasses abruptly showed the happenings of him, stole the glasses from that guy that had a heart attack. Pete attempts to cover what had happened, but Sara, his wife, revealed that she witness the same footage. Pete revealed that he is weary again of being pressed by the season and that he wanted it simpler for himself. But to his surprise, Sara was turned on and the two of them have sex. Then, Pete looks to the glasses once again and discovered that Sara tortured and murdered the boss right after he passed her through a bonus.

The New Year’s Eve Story Line:


After killing his date, Reggie picked up a lady from the dating site, known as Jean, and went to meet her during the New Year’s Eve. The date was awkward, but they seemed to click. They go back to Jean’s apartment and then Reggie went to the bathroom and wash up, although he was really prepared to apply chloroform on her. Reggie checked the medicine dresser and discovered that Jean kept cutoff organs and limbs inside jars. Suddenly, Jean rushed in holding an ax and then attacks Reggie, who then discovered the bodies in the bathtub. Reggie tries to make it into the living area and has his foot cut by the ax. Right after seeing it from the bag he pulled out the gun, but did not check if it has loaded, resulting in Jean murdering him first. When the New Year comes in, Jean dances then with… the ax.

The Writers View:

Sure, it is really not that easy and simple to create an Anthology and that is probably the positive things you can think of from viewing this. If you are mean you can even argue that the SyFy has done a lot of feature length films than most of those short films being shown here. One thing really is for sure: there is not that much found here to cherish about. It is only a shame, because it sounds really cool. Kevin Smith alone was doing the short sounds that seemed great. But again, even if he was really busy with some other stuffs or something else has occupied.

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A Dark Song (2016)

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This film is an Irish independent horror movie, directed and written by Liam Gavin and it is his directorial debut movie.

The Cast List:

Steve Oram played as Joseph Solomon
Mark Huberman played as Neil Hughes
Susan Loughnane played as Victoria Howard
Nathan Vos played as Jack
Catherine Walker played as Sophia Howard

The Story Line:


The English woman, Sophia is in her middle-age who is grieving with the deceased by her massacred son Jack who is just 7-year-old when abducted by the crowd of teens for their cult ritual. She is renting a house in the rural Wales and hired Joseph Solomon, the occultist to execute the right details in an “Abramelin”, this is a European, months-long, Kabbalistic Grimoire applied to summon a guardian angel. Sophia’s aim is to recruit the assistance of her angel to talk to her deceased son and demand revenge with the killers. But, Solomon was a short tempered person and Sophia rapidly became frustrated when she concluded the grueling rites are not working.


The tension ends in a shoving match-up where Solomon by accident fell in a big kitchen knife, and sustained a serious wound. Sophia insisted that he must seek medical attention while Solomon is being stubborn that neither can go away before the completion of the rites or they may be trapped inside the house forever. Within a couple of days, Solomon’s wound became infected and he passed away while sleeping. Sophia tries to leave with her foot after the car didn’t start, but was horrified to find out what happened, after walking the long distance; she has arrived with their similar rented house she shared before with Solomon. She then re-enters to find out demon-like creatures have physically visible themselves and claimed possession of the body of Solomon. They restrained Sophia and started torturing her through cutting off a finger of her. Sophia utters the word “sorry” and was able to free from the demons.

The Writers View:

A damaged occultist with a young determined woman risked their souls and lives in performing a dangerous rite that will give them whatever they wanted. What make the movie brilliant is the two major stars characters, who, the audience were not quite sure. The movie is already being marked as one of the top horror movies. While it is better to be skeptical regarding a certain hype or buzz, particularly with the coming out of film’s personal PR machine, in this instance, it just happened to be true. The film is bound to create it on to the many top-off the record of the year.

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31 (2016)

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The film is a horror movie directed and written by Rob Zombie, and the story is about 5 carnies that were kidnapped by the gang of clowns known as “The Heads” and obliged to play the survival game named as “31”, where they were chased by clowns through the maze of rooms for about 12 hours.

The Cast List:

  • Jeff Daniel Phillips played as Roscoe Pepper
  • Sheri Moon Zombie played as Charly
  • Richard Brake played as Doom-Head
  • Jane Carr played as Sister Serpent
  • E.G. Daily played as the Sex-Head
  • Andrea Dora played as Trixie
  • Meg Foster played as Venus Virgo
  • Judy Geeson played as Sister Dragon
  • Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs played as Panda Thomas
  • Jermain Hollman played as Goon 1
  • Esperanza Ibarra played as Snoopy
  • Kevin Jackson played as Levon Wally
  • Ginger Lynn played as Cherry Bomb
  • Pancho Moler played as Sick-Head
  • Gabriel Pimentel played as Brumaire
  • Daniel Roebuck played as Pastor Victor
  • Devin Sidell played as Georgina Victor
  • Lew Temple played as Psychotic Head
  • David Ury played as Schizophrenia Head
  • Torsten Voges played as the Death-Head
  • Tracey Walter played as Lucky Leo
  • Michael Alcott, “Red Bone” played as the Fat Randy Bumpagussy
  • Malcolm McDowell as the father Napoleon-Horatio-Silas Murder

The Story Line:


During the 1976 Halloween, the crowd of carnival workers, Venus, Panda, Charly, Roscoe, and Levon were attacked and was brought to the odd, big construction where the three elderly people that wears aristocratic clothes, make up, and pulverized wigs Sis. Serpent, Sis. Dragon, and the leader father, Napoleon-Horatio-Silas Murder, and informed them that they were to play the game called as “31” and it will stay for the next 12 hours of their stay.


The crowd was placed in the series of the maze-like group of rooms, and here is where they should defend themselves towards the “Heads”, many killer clowns whom intended to murder and torture them, and all the while, the crowds were given chances for their endurance and bets were positioned on them. The protagonists came across the five “Heads”, Death-Head, Psycho-Head, Sick-Head, Schizo-Head, and the Sex-Head. These carnies finally handle to murder the assailants, and not without supporting the casualties, and only Roscoe, Charly, and Venus, were left alive. The other three attempt to locate their way out, but handles to get only one of the number; Venus was shut in the boiler room, where Venus was brutally killed by the final Head, then, Doom-Head, whom was taken in by aristocrats to merge in the game. The Doom-Head taunted Roscoe and Charly, and revealing to them that the doors have been unlocked to welcome the outside world.

The Writers View:

The movie “31” is not an original film and it is a pointless and absurd story. The best dare is not for the crowd forced to partake in, but for the audience to witness the movie up to the very end. The veteran casts Judy Geeson, Malcolm McDowell, and Meg Foster are the only good thing to see here, but they don’t give better performance in this movie with a poor screenplay and story and this also makes their acting poor. Meg Foster is the only one that had the evident talent and the performance is still brilliant as expected, her best material.

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Viral (2016)

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This film is a science fiction horror movie of directors Henry Joost, and Ariel Schulman, from the screenplay by Barbara Marshall and Christopher Landon. The movie was a limited released through video on record.

When the Filmyard Holdings have put on sale Miramax to the group of beIN Media Group, then Miramax was not anymore the production company for the Viral movie. The movie was released through video on demand on July of 2016 prior to being released on the home-media formats.

The Cast List:

Sofia Black-D’Elia played as Emma Drakeford

Analeigh Tipton played as Stacey Drakeford

Colson Baker played as CJ

John Cothran, Jr. played as Mr. Toomey

Judyann Elder played as Mrs. Toomey

Linzie Grey played as Gracie Lemay

Brianne Howey played as Tara Dannelly

Michael Kelly played as Michael Drakeford

Philip Labes played as Gangly Kid

Travis Tope played as Evan Klein

Stoney Westmoreland played as Bill

The Story Line:


The story is about Emma, who seemed to be the new fish in the small pond. Beginning with the latest school and transferring to the new dwelling place all at once creates her nervous and shy, but Stacey, her big sister who rather live outspoken and free. Then the mysterious kind of parasitic infection or virus breaks out in their little quiet town, and their mother was shut in the airport. The father was obliged to go and take her, trapping him while in the process. Stacey and Emma must now face with surviving and fending for themselves with the unknown virus.


The Writers View

Viral started out compelling and so interesting, but everyone else forgets that it goes after every cliché in a book which concerns the viral outbreak, zombies and the infected movies. Even with the main characters that are likable and then the events began in chaos and cause uproar.

This film surprise you with the thought that was well accomplished and the two main characters felt like they were actual sisters, and that was the top point in every movie how the relationship will unfold, they are total opposites, but still in this circumstance, they care for each other, and the duties of being weak and strong will then go back and forth.

Everything else here is fairly passable since it centers on what will happens when you cut off and the teens will create some dumb choices. There could have been a better, but still, the way it had delivered was pretty enjoyable. This movie is recommended, but be ready for some slow burn.

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The Darkness (2016)

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The movie is a supernatural horror movie co-written by director Greg McLean, Shane Krause and Shayne Armstrong. The movie is from what is thought to be actual events, regarding a family that visited the Grand Canyon and takes home the supernatural force where it feeds off the fears and takes away their lives.

The Cast List:

Kevin Bacon played as Peter Taylor

Lucy Fry played as Stephanie Taylor

Radha Mitchell played as Bronny Taylor

David Mazouz played as Michael Taylor

Jennifer Morrison played as Joy Carter

Parker Mack played as Andrew Carter

Matt Walsh played as Gary Carter

Tara Lynne Barr played as Kat

Judith McConnell played as Trish

Paul Reiser played as Simon Richards

Trian Long-Smith played as Sammy Levin

A.J. Tannen played as H. Quinlan

Ming-Na Wen played as Wendy

Krista Marie Yu played as Tasha

The Story Line:


Bronny and Peter Taylor went on for a trip in Arizona to the Grand Canyon with Stephanie, the teenage daughter, and the teenager autistic son, Mikey. He discovered the tiny Kiva Caven,and this is  where he discovered black rocks within the signs on them. He then takes the rock and keeps an untold secret.

When the Taylors came back home, odd things start to happen. Bronny discovers that the sink remains turned on, and then Stephanie saw some handprints on the steamy mirror, where both of which Mikey then charge on “Jenny”. Right after Stephanie goes home from the school; she vomited into the container and placed it under the bed. Bronny caught her, and Peter and Bronny learnt that Stephanie has been tossing up for a moment; there were so many containers under the bed. They bring Stephanie to the hospital for some assistance, sending off Mikey at the mother’s house of Bronny. Bronny’s other locates Mikey is attempting to murder the cat, much to the disbelief of Peter.


While in the house, Bronny investigates online for the answers to the odd activities and discovered about the Indians Anasazi, who have thought that demons were about two rocks the unseen from the underground caves and if a rock is taken and the demon takes the figures of the buffalo, crow, snake, wolf, and coyote. The clan has already encountered with the snake and the crow. The demons connected to the young kids who were dragged into the world, triggering the event called as ‘The Darkness’. Their way means that may be banished is if rocks will be returned to where they must be located by somebody that was really afraid.

The Writers View:

This movie is simply a lazy one. It has the tiniest seeds of possibilities in the feature of the kid with autism. There might be something with the horror movies that applies a child that has disorders and had some kind of supernatural or psychic connections to things, it can create could good premises for the movie. The Darkness is a broad all the way to the title – can may you envision the faces light up when the artists were told that they will be in the latest horror film under the production of Jason Blum, and the script known as ‘The Darkness’ and the flakes fell too little – and the laziness became bigger in execution.

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Raw (2016)

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This is a French-Belgian drama, horror movie directed and written by Julia Ducournau.

The Cast List:

Garance Marillier played as Justine

Rabah Naït Oufella played as Adrien

Laurent Lucas played as the Father

Bouli Lanners played as a driver

Joana Preiss played as the Mother

Ella Rumpf played as Alexia

Jean-Louis Sbille played as a professor

Marion Vernoux played as the nurse

The Story Line:


Lifelong vegan Justine arrived to begin in a veterinarian school. During their initial evening, she encountered Adrien, her gay roommate and was obliged to participate in the hazing ritual in welcoming the fresh students. They were taken to a gathering, where Justine felt uneasy and encounters her sister Alexia, and she showed Justine old class pictures with their parents. The following morning, the recent class was splashed with blood and was told to eat fresh rabbit kidneys. Justine refused, and told them that she is a vegetarian and Alexia forced her to eat the kidneys, but she unwillingly ate those kidneys. Shortly that night, Justine finds itchy, strong rashes all over her face and body. The next day, she goes to a doctor who diagnosed her having food poisoning and provides her a cream especially for the rash.


The following day, Justine goes to a gas stand with Adrien to have a midnight snack. When they are going there, Justine saw a car crash. In the evening, she ate raw chicken. Then after she speaks with her professor regarding cheating, Justine tossed up a bunch of hair she ate. In the evening, she gets drunk with Alexia and asked if she may sleep there for a night. She discovers identical cream in the cabinet Alexia, the same with what the doctor gave her. While on stay, Alexia gave her a Brazilian wax, and then some of that wax was stuck on the skin of Justine and Alexia goes on to cut off with the sharp scissors. Justine spanks her away and Alexia by accident cuts her finger off and then faint. Justine rapidly called the ambulance. When she waits, she is devastated with the craving for meat, and she ate the finger together with the waking up of Alexia in shock. Inside the hospital, she attempts to throw it, but failed. They blame it all on to Quicky, Alexia’s dog that is just down.

The Writers View:

For a debut featured movie, director and writer Julia Ducournau choose for a certain taboo topic of cannibalism. It is both an admirable and bold move, as if there is something that takes the viewers, members in arms and attacking out of the cinema, it is the view of the non-zombie person chowing down on the altar of their type and creating its way into film screens right after a victorious festive run.  Raw come up with both critically acclaimed and the sense of disrepute, having evidently rendering festive-goers faint and the puking in the walkway, to a point where a paramedic can be called. This is normally the case with films that generated the same controversy, but, Raw isn’t really that gruesome.

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Carnage Park (2016)

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The film is a crime, horror thriller movie written by director Mickey Keating. Keating illustrated Carnage Park as a nod to movies by Peter Watkins and Sam Peckinpah that were created in 1970s, and he created the movie around that concept.

The Cast List:

Ashley Bell played as Vivian Fontaine

Bob Bancroft played as a bank manager

Larry Fessenden played as Travis

Pat Healy played as Wyatt Moss

James Landry Hebert played as Scorpion Joe

Michael Villar played as Lenny

Alan Ruck – Sheriff Moss

Darby Stanchfield

The Story Line:


In 1978, two robbers, Lenny and the so-called Scorpion Joe, escape into the wilderness with the hostage, Vivian, after the failed heist. Lenny passed away of a gunfire wound undergo during the escape, and then Joe pushed Vivian to assist him in disposing of Lenny’s corpse. After the failed escape effort, Vivian explained that she was in the bank to look for a loan to rescue the family’s farm. When she secretly reached for the switchblade on the ground of Joe’s auto, a hidden assailant blasted one of the auto tires. Joe chains Vivian to the routing wheel and exited the auto, boasting that he might murder whoever blast at them. The covert sniper murdered Joe, then, goes up to speak to Vivian. Wyatt Moss, the sniper told her that she is intruding on personal property, and insisted he had all the legal right to murder Joe. Vivian requested him to let go of her, but instead, he bangs her out with the drug.


The sheriff, Wyatt’s brother, visited Wyatt’s composite to inquire if he has notice Vivian. Wyatt denied any information about her, and the brother warned him that she is really well-known for the killing to be quiet. When Vivian wakes-up she is chained to Joe’s body in the car. She yanks the body out of the auto and assisted with a rock to break the handcuff. The moment she is free, she strolls towards the PA system that has the record player fastened. When she played the album over it, the tape of a warning siren, Wyatt then takes some shots at her. Vivian takes off the chain while running, followed by Wyatt. After being away from a trapped pit, Vivian discovered an apparently deceased lady who has a shiv. Vivian takes the weapon, surprising the lady to semi-consciousness. When Vivian tries to recover her, Wyatt shoots to kill the lady. The sheriff discovered Lenny’s corpse and loudly proclaims that he is coming into the compound. When Wyatt was distracted, Vivian shocks him with a strike, then, gets the rifle from him, to shoot him.

The Writers View:

This movie is a new horror movie by director Mickey Keating. Keating placed out two attractive solid horror movies last year, Darling and Pod, so it is for sure that the viewers were all excited to check out the latest offering. Almost immediately the movie was interesting, the opening scenarios did a great job of setting the tone of the movie, then starting there they jump right in the service to one of the best scenarios from Quentin Tarantino’s, the Reservoir Dogs. The initial 30-minutes were Millhouse asked that is so nice. The primary character that was introduced was a cool character, Scorpion Joe, the kind of personality that was not usually seen in horror movies. Then, Vivian was introduced and she played the part so well, but her character was somewhat not that interesting. Sadly, though, right after the 30-minutes point the movie begins to get pretty plain.

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