childs play 2019

Child’s Play, 2019

This horror film was written by Mr. Tyler Burton Smith under the direction of Lars Klevberg. This is a remake of the film from 1988 of similar name and also the reboot of the Child’s Play franchise. This movie followed a family terrorized of one high-tech doll that becomes subsequently murderous and has self-awareness.

Cast Lists

  • Gabriel Bateman appeared as Andy Barclay, the 13 years old, son of Karen, wearing a hearing aid that came into Chucky’s possession, the killer Buddi doll.
  • Carlease Burke appeared as Doreen Norris, Norris’ mother and the Barclays’ neighbor.
  • Ty Consiglio appeared as Pugg, he was one of the new friends of Andy.
  • Mark Hamill appeared as Chucky’s voice, the once-harmless Buddi toy/doll that transformed into one rampaging murdering machine right after being nastly reprogrammed.
  • Hamill also voices the other Buddi dolls that had been watching in the movie, and formerly voiced Chucky on the episodes of Robot Chicken.
  • Brian Tyree Henry appeared as the Detective Mike Norris, the police detective that investigates Chucky’s murder strings.
  • Beatrice Kitsos appeared as Falyn, another new friend of Andy.
  • Marlon Kazadi appeared as Omar, another new friend of Andy and also his neighbor.
  • David Lewis appeared as Shane, the married boyfriend of Karen, who is abusive and mean towards Andy.
  • Tim Matheson appeared as Henry Kaslan, the CEO and the founder of Kaslan Corporation, this is the company that makes the Buddi dolls.
  • Aubrey Plaza appeared as Karen Barclay, the widowed single mother of Andy, who does not trust her son that the doll Chucky is really a killer.
  • Trent Redekop appeared as Gabe, he was the voyeurist electrician at the Barclays’ apartment.
  • Nicole Anthony appeared as Detective Willis, the police detective and the partner of Norris.


The company of Kaslan Corporation had launched Buddi, the revolutionary line of the high-tech dolls styled designed to become the lifelong companions of their owners, discovering from their environment, and to act accordingly, rapidly becoming the success for the children globally. At an assembly industry in Vietnam, one employee has been fired by the supervisor for insufficient job. In retaliation, the staff manipulates a Buddi doll that has been assembled by stopping all of the safety protocols, just before committing suicide. This doll is packed together with the others in grounding for the global distribution.

In Chicago, Illinois, the retail staff Karen Barclay together with her 13 years old hearing damage son, Andy, have shifted to the new apartment. In the attempt to applaud Andy up and to make up for an unease reasoning by the transfer and her latest boyfriend Shane, Karen blackmailed her boss just in order to obtain the Buddi doll, handing it over to Andy as their early birthday present. The moment Andy activated the doll it called him “Chucky” and became attached to his holder. Over time, Chucky helped Andy befriend with the other two kids in the building — Pugg and Falyn— but also started to display cruel tendencies. He tried to strangulate the pet cat of Barclays after it rubs Andy, and in a night, while he together with his friends gleefully watched the horror movie, Chucky started mimicking the screen violence and approached the trio with the kitchen knife just before Andy disarmed him.

The following morning, Andy arrived home to discover that his cat has been dead; Chucky admitted to having murdered it so that the cat will not hurt him any longer. Karen locked the doll inside the closet, but he escaped and terrorized Shane, that leads him to tackle Andy. After hearing Andy pleaded for Shane to vanish, Chucky followed him home, where it’s disclosed that Shane had a family and had been having an issue with Karen behind the back of his wife. While Shane has been outside taking down the Christmas lights, Chucky broke his legs and activated the tiller that scalp and killed him. The next day, Chucky delivered Shane’s skinned face to give as a present to the horrified Andy.

Writer’s Notion

We all think that this might possibly suck and this buddy doll still appears really off and sadly he is nowhere close as the best like the first Chucky but, aside from that, the movie is really good. The chemistry of Andy and her mother, the relationship of Chucky and Andy were all fleshed out as the best, at some points where you will really feel sad for the doll, since all he did, though sadistic, most of the times is just to make Andy pleased and Mark did a good job here in making the dull noise innocent enough. Some people usually say that this remake is totally not necessary because the first series has been going, but when you look at what has been done, it appears to be a very tiring franchise that does not know where else they must go so that this one may begin with a freshly latest take on their series and hopefully that they may have the sequel of this.

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