Christmas Blood, 2017

The movie is a Norwegian film that are all produced, directed, screen played by Reinert Kiil and its initial release in 2017 was in Norway.

Cast Lists

  • Jørgen Langhelle appeared as Nissen
  • Andreas Nonaas appeared as Christian  
  • Heidi Ødegaard Mikkelsen appeared as Politi      
  • Marte Sæteren appeared as Julia Buljo 
  • Kylie Stephenson appeared as Annika    
  • Truls Svendsen appeared as Pappa          
  • Eric Vorenholt appeared as Politi
  • Solje Bergman appeared as Solveig         
  • Helene Eidsvåg  appeard as Sanne           
  • Florence Eilertsen appeared as Egg dame             
  • Sindre Olav Fredriksen appeared as Tommy
  • Jan-Magne Gaare appeared as Johannes
  • Stig Henrik Hoff appeared as Thomas Rasch         
  • Haddy Jallow appeared as Ritika
  • Frank Kjosås appeared as Psykolog
  • Reinert Kiil appeared as Gunnar
  • Linn Irene Larsen appeared as Ambulansesjåfør
  • Børge Pettersen appeared as Politi
  • Kay Olssen appeared as Tore Rex
  • Karoline Stemre appeared as Elisabeth
  • Sigmund Sæverud appeared as Kripos sjef
  • Per Sørheim appeared as Politi
  • Nina Winther appeared as Dame
  • Asbjørn Buarøy appeared as Kripos
  • May Lydia Eidstø appeared as Fengselsbetjent
  • Thomas Felberg appeared as Obduksjonslege
  • Ingvild Flikkerud appeared as Ingvild
  • Anita Ihler appeared as Kripos
  • Espen Hansen appeared as Politi
  • Yassmine Johansen appeared Katja
  • Sondre Krogtoft Larsen appeared as Terje Hansen
  • Iren Kringhaug appeared as Dame


The killer is caught right after terrorizing and murdering people on Christmas Eve through the past thirteen years in Norway.

The opening scenery, the detectives was looking for the house for a killer after he brought out the family inside the darkened house, then sets up an impressive scene later on at the village. When the holiday setting has been ably utilized in the fine form with festive lights, ornaments, and also with the overall snowy landscapes when the air is being adorned with festive songs for the season, there is the fine counterbalance of Santa-dressed killer jogging wild along the streets giving this with lots of graphic kills, suspense and bloodshed in the abandoned city.

Right after capturing the sadistic killer, the detective finds that he had escaped after some years in jail and then sets out and works with a fine secondary intention, in purpose of finishing his deranged killing spree. But it was interrupted by his detaining, putting him on a target with the idea of the gals in the house having a party with their group of friends in the remote village and then forcing him to halt the killer.

Writer’s Notion

The movie was a rather pleasing holiday-themed slasher. The fine point in this movie is a strong slasher-movie setup at play. The main setup of the film is this deranged killer was exploiting the fabricated method of punishing those who might not seem to have the link, but with his warped thinking, that there is, his thoughts of hunting down the one that believes had been the sinner in their living gives him the fine motivation to bring out his spree.

The film is nicely completed in conjunction with the detective catching him once again. When carried out with partying ideas that draws the murderer there gives the rather strong slasher-type setup. There are some strong slashing scenarios in the movie. The main trouble that is at fault here has been the rather bland and sedated pacing that arrives to play. The truth that the deranged serial murderer, given as much of the back story as it have here about the history and the feelings about the holiday, does not generate more concentration and intensity from of the officers who are in charge to halt him makes a detective investigation scene rather boring and bland. This must generate even more urgency to take him, yet there is very little energy in the scenes since they appear happier to meet again than to stop him.

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