Color Out of Space, 2019

The movie is an American science cosmic fiction, horror movie co-written and directed by Richard Stanley, from this short story. The movie is a Stanley’s first feature movie directed since the firing and according to Stanley. This is the primary movie in the trilogy of the Lovecraft adaptations that he anticipates to follow up together with a movie adaptation.

Cast Lists

  • Nicolas Cage appeared as Nathan Gardner, the head of Gardner family, a farmer and a father.
  • Joely Richardson appeared as Theresa Gardner, the mother of Gardner family and a businesswoman.
  • Madeleine Arthur appeared as Lavinia Gardner, a teenage daughter and the Wiccan.
  • Brendan Meyer appeared as Benny Gardner, their teenage son.
  • Julian Hilliard appeared as Jack Gardner, their youngest son.
  • Elliot Knight appeared as Ward Phillips, the surveyor and the Hydrologist for the Dam development company.
  • Tommy Chong appeared as Ezra, the hippie “squatter” that lives on the land of the Garnder.
  • Q’orianka Kilcher appeared to be Arkham Mayor Tooma.
  • Josh C. Waller appeared to be Arkham Sheriff Pierce.


At the wake of the wife Theresa’s mastectomy, the father, Nathan Gardner transferred his family, with the children Lavinia, Jack, and Benny to the rural ranch where he attempted to grow tomatoes, then, also raise alpacas. One evening, the brilliantly glowing meteor crashing in their front yard land, emits an unearthly dye. The following morning, the Hydrologist Ward Phillips, someone that surveyed the area of the dam development, together with the mayor and a Sheriff of a neighbor town of Arkham, arrived to witness the meteor. That evening, Lavinia and Nathan witness a meteor being struck through some more bolts of lightning.

The ward notices that a groundwater had taken on the oily sheen and then tested it. When the test strips started to glow vibrantly with the dye, he advised the Gardners to not drink it, but then, he cannot influence the mayor to make anything (because she does not want to frighten off the development of the dam).

Jack became obsessed with the well, which situated a few feet coming from where a meteor landed. Brightly colored, strange vegetation starts to grow around it, the mutated insects flying out of it, then, Jack insisted that he can hear one man in there. The ward visits one more resident on a farmland, Ezra, who played him the tape recording about what he said are people shifting around underground. The news crew arrived to have an interview with Nathan about a meteor, but it had mysteriously vanished.

Writer’s Notion

The color showed why Stanley must complete more feature films (optimistically more weird tale adaptations or Lovecraft) as his knowledge and his passion of the source materials shine through…Pretty much like the forehead of Lavinia. It is also one very personal movie from Richard since it touches on the elements from his personal life.

Overall, the movie is just solid and the cinematography is just great with the very well-performed CGI. Richard concentrates on the family since he should but, this feels like a movie had been edited down since there are gaps in the emergence of some characters that only appeared in their first and final acts. Its most unnerving and creepy scene is with the actor Tommy Chong close to the final of the film, and it is just perfect. The weak side of the movie is Nicholas Cage, in this movie, he is just okay, but distracted from the movie at times. It is much better to have witness more about Madeleine Arthur being the Lavinia Gardner.

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