countdown- 2019

Countdown, 2019

This is an American supernatural horror movie under the writer and director Justin Dec. The movie follows the crowd of individual who are trying to survive the mobile app that asserts to tell the users when it is their time to die.

Cast Lists

  • Elizabeth Lail appeared as Quinn Harris                  
  • Matt Letscher appeared as Charlie Harris
  • Dillon Lane appeared as Evan                                     
  • Christina Pazsitzky appeared as Krissy
  • Charlie McDermott appeared as Nurse Scott       
  • Jeannie Elise Mai appeared as Allie
  • Tom Segura appeared as Derek                                
  • Anne Winters appeared as Courtney
  • Marisela Zumbado appeared as Kate                      
  • Tichina Arnold appeared as Nurse Amy
  • Talitha Bateman appeared as Jordan Harris          
  • P. J. Byrne appeared as Father John
  • Jordan Calloway appeared as Matt Monroe         
  • Peter Facinelli appeared as Dr. Sullivan


In a party, the teenager Courtney was convinced by her buddies to download the app Countdown, this app seemingly predicts just how long the user will be left to live. Then, Courtney is startling because it says that she only has three hours left alive. After keeping away from getting into the auto with Evan, her now drunk boyfriend, Courtney accepts the notification stating that says that she has ruined the “user agreement”. Going back home, she has been assaulted by this unseen entity and then killed her as the time reached zero. In that same moment, Evan crashes and the branch of the tree branch goes to the side where Courtney should have sat.

The nurse, Quinn Harris, that works in the hospital where the harmed Evan, who has been admitted and suffered frequent sexual harassment from Dr. Sullivan, her boss, but doubts speaking out since she is just new. Evan told about Courtney and with his suspicions with regards to the app. He revealed that it says that he will pass on at that time he is expected to go with surgery. Quinn is indifferent of his claims, and finally downloads it. She has been horrified to discover that it says that she has only 3 days left. Evan missed out his surgery and had been notified that he has dishonored the agreement of the user. He is being murdered by the demonic edition of Courtney.

Quinn canceled the chart to go out together with Jordan, the younger sister, and their father just before being notified that she had broken the agreement of the user. She researched the app, discovering about Courtney and the same things had happened to the other app users even though they are being regarded as fake. Frightened, she bought the latest phone but discovered the Countdown app had installed itself. Right after being assaulted by the demonic figure, she encountered Matt, whose Countdown stated that he will pass on within a few hours just before Quinn.

Writer’s Notion

In general, the movie is not a terrible experience to watch. Maybe you do not care to view about it again, however, when you are in your perfect mood for the fun horror flick then, this will do just fine. This film will give you that similar feeling, when trying to beat the death with some good laughs and a good character. You know what is going to take place but still you are in suspense. This may not be the best terrifying movie of 2019; however, it is definitely enjoyable to view around during Halloween and it also deserves a better rating than what it had been given to this film. The movie is definitely flawed; however, it is not totally awful.

What is likeable in this movie is that it is very interesting and it has an original concept that sense strangely applicable to the recent society. It has decent acting too, which is surprisingly likeable and the main characters are intelligent, which is the kind of energizing in this genre. Although it is particularly scary, but, probably it is pretty creepy to somebody who scares easily and that is really a good thing! There are also no plot holes and inconsistencies that could be discovered here.

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