Critters Attack, 2019

This movie is a horror comedy TV film and also the reboot of the 1986 movie Critters. This is considered as the fifth entry of the Critters movie franchise. Even though the comeback of Dee Wallace has been assumed to be representing the latest heroine distinctly coming from the character of Helen Brown, Wallace herself had confirmed that she is reprising the innovative role, with the name altered to “Aunt Dee” because of the possible legal issues.

It has been announced that there will talks to acquire its broadcasting right for this Critters movie, in order to create the later sequels. This production began filming secretly in South Africa in February of 2019. The first movie was announced officially on the 25th of April of 2019, with a trailer appearing on that same day. The movie was also released on digital viewing and on DVD disc by the Warner Brothers Home Entertainment. And not like the other franchise of Critters movie series that had all been in the rated PG 13, this 2019 Critters Attack has been considered as the one that gotten a standard and an Unrated of R rated version because of violence and show off more blood.

The Cast Lists

  • Tashiana Washington played as Drea                      
  • Dee Wallace played as Aunt Dee
  • Steve Blum played as Critter voices                         
  • Leon Clingman played as Ranger Bob
  • Jack Fulton played as Jake                                           
  • Jaeden Noel played as Phillip
  • Ava Preston played as Trissy                                       
  • Vash Singh played as Kevin Loong

The Story Line

Drea is a 20 year old college girl who unwillingly takes the job of babysitting for the instructor of the college she anticipates to be present. While babysitting the two teenagers and is being under pressure of entertaining the children of the professor namely Jake and Trissy, together with the little brother Philip, she (Drea) takes the four of them to a hike, but she is not aware of the odd creature and finds out about the alien Krites who have landed at their close by forest. Then, they later receive the assistance from a mysterious Aunt Dee that might have the history with a starving intergalactic beast and had been started to devour every living fad that the alien encounter.

The Writers View

The critters had always been one cheesy horror comedy franchise, but the iteration seemed to be not that good. It honestly feels even more like that one made for the Nickelodeon special than the usual actual movie. The movie plot is nonsensical and it is all over the spot.

The dialogue and the acting are amateurish at its best and their “jokes” are really cringe-worthy. The looks are done poorly and it is clear that the critters were just hand puppets. All things about the movie are half-assed and that is putting it nicely. If you are someone who is a fan of one cheesy horror movie, but there are no serious way to look for the past, many flaws will surely appear and for sure that there is no real enjoyment at all. The nightmare here is that it is really boring and that should be their last thing, I supposed!

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