Cult of Chucky (2017)


The movie is a horror film directed and written by Don Mancini and he has been the director ever since the Seed of Chucky. This is the seventh chapter of the movie franchise which followed the movie Curse of Chucky in 2013.

The Cast List:

Fiona Dourif played as Nica Pierce

Brad Dourif played as Chucky’s voice

Christine Elise played as Kyle

Grace Lynn Kung played as Claire

Adam Hurtig played as Multiple Malcolm

Summer Howell played as Alice Pierce

Elisabeth Rosen played as Madeleine

Jennifer Tilly played as Tiffany Valentine

Ali Tataryn played as Nurse Ashley

Michael Therriault played as Dr. Thaddeus Foley

Marina Stephenson Kerr played as Angela

Zak Santiago played as Nurse Carlos

Alex Vincent played as Andy Barclay

The Story Line:


After the events of the Curse of Chucky four years ago, the adult Andy Barclay was exposed to have the first ever Chucky’s head, wherein it is still conscious and misshaped right after being continuously pained by Andy in revenge for his crimes. Pierce has applied the past 4 years inside the mental camp after being entrapped by Chucky for killing her family. After some intense therapy, she believes that she was the one responsible for the killings and Chucky was only a manifestation of the psychosis. As an outcome of the breakthrough, Dr. Foley, her doctor, has transferred her to the standard security facility only of the Harrogate Psychiatric Hospital.

Cult-of-chucky-2017-2 (1)

Nica became part of the normal crowd therapy session that have Malcolm, the man having multiple identity crisis; Angela, the old woman that believes she is already dead; Claire, the woman that burned her own house down; and lastly Madeleine, the patient that smothered her baby son to death. The doctor, Foley presented some and new therapy technique that involved the Good Guy stuff doll in the group. Most of their patients were unsettled with the doll, but not for Madeleine, that treated it as her own baby.

The Writers View:

Just the same with the other Chucky movies, Brad Dourif is absolutely delighted for the voice of that killer doll. It felt that events has transpired in the film help in showing how passionate Mr. Dourif still has for voicing the same character and the choices he has been a voice actor. Nica as a returning character has some very interesting personality development to the entire movie whilst that comes up to terms with the actions in the Curse of Chucky as well as facing Chucky again. Unlike most of the sequels that seemed to throw the continuity out, the movie did a great job with the throwing back to its former entries with a franchise in the subtle. Also, the practical effects and the sum of gore being used was really admirable.

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