Dark Skies (2013)

dark skies

Dark Skies is a thrilling sci-fi movie which tells a story of a family that experienced extraordinary things before abduction by aliens. It has the thrill that can keep you sitting while the movie is phasing to reach it’s climax.  Scott Stewart directed the movie with an intention to electrify alien abduction. The production budget is small yet it’s extremely gained gross sales that are more than enough to create five more of this film.

The story was simple, alien wants to abduct a family for whatever reasons they have. The special focus of the film is how aliens prepare these people or family before they take them. Another premise of the story is the way the family is affected and how they reacted in things that threatened and unknown to them. It is not something new but it is a good innovation of something old.

The cast was great, the parents and their two kids’ performance are enough to entertain the audience. Taking the role of the parents are Keri Russell as Lacy Barrett and Josh Hamilton as Daniel Barrett. The two children are Dakota Goyo as Jesse Barrett and Kadan Rockett as Sam Barrett. The emotions and expressions they show are strong that connects with the viewers.

Most of the people who watched it say that it was more of a thrilling drama rather than a scary horror film. The suspense is more on the latter part of the movie. Although it thrills the watcher but it never really frightened them.

Dark Skies is a good film and a great comeback movie for director Scott Stewart. It has enough thrills to entertain viewers and worth the time and money.


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