Deathgasm 2015

Deathgasm-coverThe movie is a New Zealand horror comedy movie written by director Jason Lei Howden for his directorial debut. The movie stars James Blake and Milo Cawthorne as a couple of misfit deep metal fans who accidentally summon a devil.

Howden took motivation from his teenage existence which he was a community outcast and a follower of serious metal music. The movie won the contest of Make My Horror Movie in 2013 and takes a prize of NZ$200,000 and producers Timpson cited Howden’s utter commitment and sheer enthusiasm are the reasons for their win.

After his mother has been accepted, loner Brodie was sent to reside with his fundamentalist-Christian Aunt Mary and Uncle Albert, whose son David distress him. A profound metal fan, Brodie creates a band named as Deathgasm with his buddies Zakk, Giles and Dion. When the band mates smash out into a native home, they find out that one from their idols, isolated musician Rikki Daggers, dwells in there. Daggers provide the band supernatural sheet music that a cult later killed him to be found. Doubtful of the page music’s power, the gang plays it, only to fall for a demon. With the assistance from his crush, the band mates and Medina, and Brodie need to look for means of defeating the demon.


The movies’ camera work is really fantastic. The gore results are good, and most of the comic story are really funny but still depends on your humor intensity. Director Howden has an experience in effects control and it illustrates despite the very low budget, the making values are a lot advance than what you’d usually expected in this type of movie. The track is wildly imaginative and tells me a many times of the early moments of Peter Jackson and Sam Raimi, really Howden is the kind of director that is really worth the watch every movie he directs. The movie is a splat-fest of the primary arrangement for gore-hounds having a twist with sense of humor, with a love for Metals and a very lofty patience for some totally cringe inducing malice. The movie is very well made particularly that the director is in his first time film and turned out to be a loveable one.


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