Deliver Us from Evil (2014)

Screen-Shot-2014-04-10-at-10.13.21-AM-620x400It’s not just a horror movie; it’s a suspense, crime, thriller, supernatural, mystery, horror movie in one. It gives me goose bumps after watching the movie. This is what we expect from Scott Derrickson, a real horror movie magician. Creepy sounds, flicking light, horrifying screams are likely to use in every horror movies but  how and when to use it is the point and this is one movie they use it well it makes my heart pounding non-stop.

At first you’ll see it as an individual gone insane, but sooner or later the twist comes out like a disease spreading, demons possessing people everywhere, a cop and a priest joining forces, etc. Eric Bana (a.k.a the “Hulk”) positively is a great actor suit for the movie delivering movie watchers the feeling of intense suspense. Édgar Ramírez (a.k.a. The god of war “Ares”) created a new come back from an evil villain to a demon fighting priest, yet he came out pretty good in the scene giving mystery and fright. Great effects made the movie scarier, very realistic. Even if you know something’s going to pop-up and be ready not to be scared it’s still going to make you hide or jump to your seat.

downloadA police (Ralph Search, played by Eric Bana) who grew in the Bronx isn’t a type to believe in demons or supernatural, who would if a smoking rugged like a priest (Mendoza, played by Édgar Ramírez) would tell you that it’s real. Explain the unexplainable is what happens, no choice but to try believing. As the story goes the irrelevant fair tries to uncover the mystery of how and where everything starts. Exorcising posses’ person and looking for clues. That’s when a mysterious person pops-up (Santino played by Sean Harris from Prometheus). Evil lurks at the main character’s home, scaring his daughter (Christina played by Lulu Wilson) and trying to get to her while her wife (Jen played by Olivia Munn) tries to understand what’s happening. To protect his family while unraveling the cause Ralph heeds Mendoza’s words and asks for his help and together they solve the issue.

One of the scariest movies I have seen before and indeed one of Scott Derrickson horrifying collection. A must watch movie if you want be scared out of your seat. I give it an 8/10 for scare and a 7/10 for effects. Indeed a worth waiting and watch movie.


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