crawl, 2019

Crawl, 2019

This film is an American disaster horror movie under the direction of director Alexandre Aja and with the writers Shawn and Michael Rasmussen. It is about the father and daughter, together with their pet dog are being hunted by alligators right after being entrap in their house during the Category 5 hurricane.

The Cast Lists

Kaya Scodelario played as Haley Keller, the student-athlete

Barry Pepper played as Dave Keller, Haley’s father and a home contractor

Jose Palma played as Pete, Wayne’s partner and the police officer

Ross Anderson played as Wayne Taylor, Beth’s ex-boyfriend and the police officer

Morfydd Clark played as Beth Keller, the older sister of Haley that lives in Boston              

Anson Boon played as Stan, the looter                                   

Ami Metcalf played as Lee

George Somner played as Marv                                                

Annamaria Serda played as Emma

Savannah Steyn played as Lisa

The Story Line

Aspiring swimmer at the University of Florida, Haley Keller takes the call from Beth, her sister, who informed her that Wendy, the Category 5 Hurricane is on the collision route to Florida and advised her to be out of their land. Haley has been concerned for the security of Dave, her father, as he isn’t answering his phone. Opposed to the Florida State Police’s instructions, Haley drives around the evacuation routes so she can check on Dave. She initially went to his father’s condo, where he had been staying ever since Dave and her mother got divorced. Haley locates Sugar, their family dog, at the condo, however, no traces of Dave and she is worried that Dave has gone back to their family house in Coral Lake, and which he allegedly sold years before.

Haley and Sugar steer in the flooded roads and locate the truck of Dave at their house in the Coral Lake. There, she moves down in the crawl space beneath the house while parting Sugar upstairs and finally locates finds her father wounded and unconscious. When she attempts to take him out, her way out had been cut off by ravenous and large alligators that Dave believed got into the house through the storm drain open in the crawl space. Those alligators are really huge to fit roughly in the pipes beneath their house, permitting Haley and Dave to a safer place at the distant end of a crawl space. But, the hurricane deepened and the crawl spaces started to flood, and so Haley tries to navigate about the alligators just before she together with her father becomes drown.

While trying to escape the crawl spaces fending off those alligators, Haley dropped off her telephone and discovered that a secondary exit of the crawl space has been blocked by the table over the hatch. She tried to contact the team of looters in the gas station next to the house for some assistance; however, they got killed by those alligators. Haley is helpless to halt the alligators from aggression and killing the two police officials who investigated the house for the survivors.

The Writers View

There is so much in this movie to like, the exclusive effects are decent, their acting is pure and the values of the production are really good. Unfortunately, it is all built on the foundations of the very poor script. The film is filled with the lame jump scares. Initially, Mr. Snappy has been shown too early, really killing any tensions. The characters made dumb choices over again. The girl takes death rolled underneath water with the arm inside the mouth of the alligators and does not lose her arm? Sure, it is pointless supporting extras who we are aware are going to die but then gobbled up.

Overall, it can be said that with the decent script, it would have been the best concept, but with those frankly student movie level script problems. This is just that best in my opinion, but this is not a terrible movie, and not really worth looking out as well.

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