doctor sleep

Doctor Sleep, 2019

The film is an American horror and supernatural film from the novel in 2013 of similar title and this movie is written, edited and directed by Mike Flanagan. This is a sequel movie about the man with the psychic abilities who fight back with childhood trauma.

The Cast Lists

(Major lists)

  • Ewan McGregor played as Danny Torrance, “Dan”, the alcoholic man with the psychic powers called as the “shining”.
  • Zahn McClarnon played as the Crow Daddy, the right-hand man of the True Knot and Rose, a Hat’s lover.
  • Zackary Momoh played as Dave Stone, the father of Abra.
  • Carel Struycken played as Grandpa Flick, the aging member of True Knot.
  • Jacob Tremblay played as Bradley Trevor, the True Knot victim, known to Abra, being the “baseball boy”.
  • Henry Thomas played as The Bartender, the apparition who called himself Lloyd, and had that face of the father of Dan, Jack Torrance.
  • Cliff Curtis played as Billy Freeman, co-worker and friend of Dan, the sponsor of AA.
  • Kyliegh Curran played as Abra Stone, the girl with this “the shining”.
  • Jocelin Donahue played as Lucy Stone, mother of Abra.
  • Roger Dale Floyd played as the young Danny Torrance.
  • Alex Essoe played as Wendy Torrance, the mother of Dan.
  • Rebecca Ferguson played as Rose their Hat, the leader of a True Knot, the cult that feeds the people that possessed psychic powers.
  • Bruce Greenwood played as the Dr. John Dalton, the leader of AA group of Dan and his boss in the hospice.
  • Dakota Hickman played as the young Abra Stone.
  • Carl Lumbly played as Dick Hallorann; he was the previous cook of this Overlook Hotel who had “the shining”.
  • Emily Alyn Lind played as Snakebite Andi, the young member of True Knot who was able to control the people psychically.
  • Robert Longstreet played as the Barry the Chunk, the member of True Knot.

The Story Line

In the year 1980, sometime after the traumatic encounter in this haunted Overlook Hotel, Wendy, the mother and Danny Torrance stayed in Florida. Danny witness one of the ghosts in the Overlook Hotel, a rotting woman staying in room 237, in the rest room. Dick Hallorann, the benevolent spirit, explained that the ghosts supplies on Danny’s psychic capability, his “shining”. Today, the hotel had been abandoned and these starving ghosts had been pursuing Danny. Hallorann taught him to lock the ghosts in the imaginary “boxes” within his mind. In the mean time, the True Knot, the cult of spiritual vampires headed by Rose their Hat, extended their lifespan thru consuming “steam”, the psychic essence freed as they tortured and killed those who possessed the shining.

In year 2011, Danny who is now “Dan”, had been an alcoholic person to repress his shining. Right after taking money from her single mother, going after with the one-night stand lady, he realized then that he had hit rock bottom. Then he transferred to the town of little New Hampshire and be friends with Billy Freeman, who locates him an apartment, then became his AA sponsor. Recovering, Dan became the hospice orderly. He used his shining to console the dying patients, who then nickname him the “Doctor Sleep”. He then started taking telepathic communications from the Abra Stone, the little girl whose shining had been more powerful than what he has. Furthermore, Rose together with her lover, Crow, observed the teenager known as Snakebite Andi who had also the capability to control the individuals psychically. They then later recruit Andi to True Knot right after feeding her with the steam of the Violet, the young girl that the cult killed.

In year 2019, this True Knot had been starving as their steam had become increasingly rare. Then, they abducted Bradley, the young boy, and then tortured him to death to have his steam. The teenage Abra senses an event and her suffering alert both Dan (through the form of a MURDER word that appeared on his wall) with Rose, True Knot leader. Rose sets-up her sights to Abra, planning on extracting her steam. Understanding the danger, Abra visited Dan personally and told him she may be able to track the cult when she touched Bradley’s baseball gloves. But, Dan refused to help, and told her to suppress the shining to become safe. That evening, Rose, projects her perceptions across the state and infiltrates the mind of Abra, but discovered that Abra had set an imaginary trick that injures Rose. After Grandpa Flick, the cult member died of starvation, Rose transmits the other remaining affiliates after Abra.

The Writers View

This movie is everything you will ever wish to watch for and they have it here. Mike Flanagan has done a very amazing job in adapting from the manuscript of Stephen King and provided a very stunning cinematic sequel. You can feel the film adaptation as overwhelming and Flanagan took all the elements from the book and handles to make them even more horrifying and darker and also serious, which in return really helped to address some of the issues that had been in the book. Although he made some serious changes, but you can still embrace them as you are watching the movie. The last 30 minutes of the movie are really amazing and again, kudos to Flanagan because he pulled it off. McGregor does his job really well. The movie sets the best tone with some of the stunning visuals and for sure the score will completely grab you.

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