Don’t Breathe (2016)


This horror thriller movie of writer Rodo Sayagues was directed and written by Fede Alvarez. The movie centers on three friends who was trapped in a blind man’s place while breaking it. The film producers were Good Universe and Ghost House Pictures.

The Casts Lists

Emma Bercovici played as Diddy

Katia Bokor played as Ginger

Jane Levy played as Rocky

Stephen Lang played as Norman Nordstrom or the Blind Man

Dylan Minnette played as Alex

Sergej Onopko played as Trevor

Daniel Zovatto played as Money

Christian Zagia played as Raul

Franciska Törőcsik played as Cindy Roberts


The Story Line

Rocky, Money and Alex are three Detroit criminals who put up a living by breaching to a house protected by Alex’s father’s safety company and then vending the stuffs they get. But, the person that bought the stolen stuff from Money didn’t pay them a just price, and not really enough to support Rocky’s wish of transferring to California with Diddy, her little sister, so they can escape from their careless mother with her alcoholic lover. Money takes a tip that there is an Army veteran staying in a dump Detroit area has $300,000 cash in his home, provided as an agreement after Cindy Roberts, the rich young woman, accidentally killed his child in a car misfortune. The three guys surveyed the house and find out that the man is blind. After some planning, they settle for breaking the house in the evening.

That evening, the three go to the house and treat the Blind Man’s companion, a dog. Discovering that all the entrances were locked, Rocky goes through a tiny window to enter into the house and helps the other two in. They searched the money in the house, but didn’t find it. They assumed that it is behind the locked door, so Money fire off the lock. The noise awakens the Blind Man, who defeated Money and killed him with his personal gun. Rocky then hides in the closet, where she finds out the Blind Man unlocks a safe to inspect if the money is still there. After he goes out, Alex locates Rocky in a closet, and the two guys unlock the safe and get the money. But, the Blind Man discovers Rocky and Money’s shoes downstairs, and understands that Money is not alone. Alex and Rocky avoided the Blind Man and discovers a door heading to the basement. But, they were surprised by a muted, gagged lady in a personalized padded cell. She presented them an article from the newspaper talking about Cindy and the accident; and they understand that she is Cindy that was captivated by this Blind Man. The two free her and runs to the storm vault door, but was shocked by the Blind Man. She was mistakenly shot and slays by Money’s gone. Alex and Rocky flee in the cellar and the Blind Man, angry with Cindy’s death and shuts down the lights. After the fight, Alex knocks defeats the Blind Man, while Rocky goes after him going upstairs.

The Writers’ View

Although the cast were small but they can be considered as today’s great generation of screams and horror. Dylan is well with his role, giving sufficient understanding with his character. Both of the young actors were placed through hell, but their physical acts sell their riotous ordeal realistically. Meanwhile, it is Stephen Lang that became the movie’s shining beacon. Being the enemy, Lang is memorable and frightening directly, a scary force that pervades throughout the movie even in pictures that don’t have his presence. If there’s a gripe about the movie, there’s a twist in the plot that didn’t quite work, but it is a minor condition when compared to the numerous matters in the film that is right and goes well. The movie is a technical attainment, the unusual studio movie that really pushes what movies can give as a medium. For more Don’t Breathe trailer you can visit this site.


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