Don’t Let Go, 2019

This is a science fiction and an American horror thriller movie directed and wrote by director Jacob Aaron Estes. Jason Blum served as the producer by his banner Blumhouse Productions, next to Oyelowo and Bobby Cohen.

Cast Lists

  • David Oyelowo appeared as the Detective Jack Radcliff, Garret’s brother and Ashley’s uncle
  • Storm Reid appeared as Ashley Radcliff, Jack’s niece and Garret’s daughter
  • Brian Tyree Henry appeared as Garret Radcliff, Susan’s husband, Jack’s brother and Ashley’s father
  • Mykelti Williamson appeared as Bobby Owens
  • Shinelle Azoroh appeared as Susan Radcliff, Garret’s wife and Ashley’s mother
  • Alfred Molina appeared as Howard Keleshian, Bobby and Jack’s boss
  • Byron Mann appeared as Sgt. Roger Martin


The movie begins with Jack Radcliff, the homicide detective, taking the call from the niece Ashley. Ashley’s father, Garrett had forgotten to gather her in the movie house. Ashley disliked her father, Garrett because of his past years of drug abuse and bipolar disorder. Ashley urged Jack to interfere on her behalf, then, have a word together with her father. On the following day, Jack takes the phone call coming from Ashley that commented about how Garrett “got that ear-full” and all things appeared to be great. But, after hours later, Jack took the garbled call coming from Ashley that indicated that she’s in trouble. Then, Jack races to the house of Ashley to look for Garrett, Ashley’s murdered and Ashley’s mother.

Garrett is situated with the bullet wound in the head and a container that is full of cocaine next to him. It appeared to be a killed-suicide. Jack charges himself believing that he’s punishing of Garrett sparked the murder-suicide. After two weeks, he takes the phone call from the phone of Ashley. Jack phone it back, however the number is being disconnected. He takes the further call and realized that somehow, he can speak with Ashley while in the past. Then, Jack settles on investigating the murder and attempt of saving Ashley. He settles to covertly aid her to re-arrange the dealings in her life to hope for the prevention of the murder-suicide.

This quickly becomes obvious that Garrett wasn’t accountable for an attack and the truth is, he was the victim together with his family. Through the assistance of Ashley, Bobby and Jack, they started to uncover the proof of the underground network of the drug dealing cops doing for the unknown figure known as “Georgie”. Garrett’s very old connections to a drug underworld appeared to have finally caught up. Bobby informed Jack that the Internal Affairs have to meet together with him and ruled him out of an investigation. Jack encounters the in charge detective, Roger Lee, who tried to imply that Jack had been having a love-thing with the wife of Garrett and that Jack in some way killed the family. Jack has been insulted by accusations, mocked Roger and left.

Writer’s Notion

It is almost like watching two completely different movies. While in the writing was none to write about, the relief from the cast has been rather well performed. The cinematography has been fantastic. The soundtrack has been wonderful. The premise has been intriguing, albeit not everything is too original, and even though it appeared quite rushed, particularly in the last half of the movie, it has been quite enjoyable. The movie deserves more credit than it is taking and it is hoped any and everything who is reading this could give the movie an opportunity before blowing this off-based on every bad review.

The movie is a mind-bending, amazing brain-teaser that you can see and the movie is really incredible and absolutely worth to watch. It can keep you enthralled together with the masterful storytelling and at the border your seat with some psychological thrills. It is also a fascinating and unique movie unlike anything you have ever read or watched before.

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