Doom: Annihilation, 2019

This film is an American action and science fiction movie directed and written by director Tony Giglio. In this movie, Marines fight the demon-like beings in the facility on Phobos that had come out from the prehistoric teleportation device called as the “Gates”.

Cast Lists

  • Dominic Mafham appeared being Dr.Malcolm Betruger  
  • Jemma Moore appeared as Li Chen
  • Katrina Nare appeared to be Dr. Veronica Cyr
  • Amer Chadha-Patel appeared as Rance Redguo
  • Clayton Adams appeared as Steven Winslow      
  • James Weber Brown appeared as Capt. Hector Savage
  • Gavin Brocker appeared as Sgt. Harold Friesen, “Harry”
  • Nathan Cooper appeared to be Dr. Ezekiel Barnes
  • Luke Allen-Gale appeared to be Dr. Bennett Stone
  • Lorina Kamburova appeared to be Dr. Sandy Peterson
  • Amy Manson appeared as Lieutenant Joan Dark
  • Louis Mandylor appeared as Chaplain Glover
  • Arkie Reece appeared as Capt. Fadel Tarek
  • Gina Philips appeared as Daisy’s voice
  • Chidi Ajufo appeared as their Sgt. Logan Akua
  • Nina Bergman appeared as Carley Corbin
  • Plamena Bozhilova appeared as Olivia Dark
  • Hari Dhillon appeared to be Dr. Ahmed Kahn
  • Agleya Gumnerova appeared as the 11-y/o Joan
  • Cassidy Little appeared as Morgan


On the UAC or the United Aerospace Corporation from the Phobos, the Dr. Betruger prepared to teleport the volunteer from the UAC laboratory in Nevada to the Phobos by utilizing prehistoric teleporter called as “Gates.” The experimentation proved to be winning, but, the subject appeared partially deformed. On the UAC transport vessel, the team of Marines awakened from cryosleep. They’re on the mission to guard a Phobos base. Among them is Joan, the disgraced lieutenant they’re reluctant to act with.

Union with them is Bennett, the ex-boyfriend and the scientist of Joan. Against the wishes of Dr. Kahn, Betruger prepared to teleport himself in the Nevada base. Right after the preparations by Veronica, Dr. Betruger passed through the Gate. But, the Phobos base abruptly goes offline as the monsters come out from the Gate. Incapable of communicating with or entering the base, these Marines take the orders to restore and investigate power. They come in through the emergency way in and Bennett discovered that the kept back power had been drained into two percent, conceding them 90 minutes just before a fusion reactor exploded.

The Marines are being attacked by the UAC employee who had been turned to zombie-like beast. During an attack, the Marines discovered the three survivors: Glover, Betruger, and Veronica. Betruger revealed that UAC had been learning the Gates for thirty years just in order to inhabit the planets. It’s thought that the Gates had been left by a prehistoric alien race whilst Glover believed them to become demons. Against Dr. Betruger’s wishes, Joan ordered the other Marines and the survivors to evacuate their base.

Writer’s Notion

The movie seemed to be a bit bad with low budget, and no involvement from an author of the original notion and the games was a not that good too. The beginning states rapidly what type of thing will go behind. The initial shot is packed of grade b CGI with the opening labels were zero-budget method. We had been introduced to the bunch of hurt ache, clicheic characters (brought out by stiff drama) and plotline, bordered by plastic looking for sets and props, effortless cinematography and dull color grading. The exclusive FX is being mixed with practical fix and cheap CGI that do not impress that much.

The references to the insides of the games had been there, a few, however, to no satisfaction, and so it continued to go for 90 minutes, from then on, entertaining us with uninspiring and emotionless action sequences and the original score will be explained the same manner. There had been some amount of the much needed gore, however, not create sufficient or simply not enough to compensate with anything.

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