Eli, 2019

This American horror movie is under the direction of Ciarán Foy from the screenplay made by David Chirchirillo, Richard Naing and Ian Goldberg.

Cast Lists

  • Charlie Shotwell appeared as Eli Miller                                   
  • Sadie Sink appeared as Haley
  • Lili Taylor appeared as Dr. Horn, Isabella                               
  • Deneen Tyler appeared as Nurse Barbara
  • Nathaniel Woolsey appeared as Punks #1                             
  • Austin Foxx appeared as Perry Hobbes
  • Lou Beatty Jr. appeared as Motel owner                               
  • Jared Bankens appeared as Gang leader
  • Katia Gomez appeared as Nurse Maricela                             
  • Parker Lovein appeared as Lucius Woodhouse
  • Max Martini appeared as Paul Miller, father of Eli             
  • Kaleb Naquin appeared as Punks #3
  • Kelly Reilly appeared as Rose Miller, mother of Eli             
  • Mitchell De Rubira appeared as Punks #2
  • Kailia Posey appeared as Agnes Thorne                                 


Eli Miller is the young boy who suffered from a very rare disease that makes a severe allergic reaction to the outside, forcing him to stay his life inside the protective gear. Rose and Paul, his parents have brought him to the secluded medical facility of Dr. Isabella Horn’s, it is an old, large house that had been quarantined but modernized. Eli is primarily overjoyed that this facility is permitting him to take out his “bubble suit”, top enjoys comforts formerly denied by him and also to embrace his parents. His joy is just short-lived, but, he then starts to experience the supernatural phenomena inside the house. He starts his treatments also, which are excruciatingly aching. The specters continually leave him a message lie, and then Eli wonders if this is trying to notify him about the treatments from Horn.

Haley befriends Eli, the young girl and with whom he talks through the large window inside the first floor of the house. She is that only person who considers his claims that this house is haunted. Haley told him that none of the other patients of Horn treated leave the facility and implied that they all died. Eli discovered the word “LIE” has been actually the upturned number of 317, this is the passcode of Horn’s office. When Eli investigated the office, he discovered the records of the past patients of Horn, showing that every one of them had been killed by a third and final treatment.

Eli ineffectively tries to convince his parents that all of them have to leave the house, but his father tried to drug him to unconsciousness. Confused and hurt, Eli barricades himself from the office of Horn. He locates the photograph of Horn together with her assistants being dressed as nuns, then in the hidden passageway to the underground area with religious paraphernalia. Dr. Horn locks him in and he encountered the allergic reactions and pass-out. When he awakens, he discovered that he can breathe really fine, and that he actually had no disease or anything at all. Rose, felt guilty for misleading Eli, went to him. Eli pretended that he is still unconscious.

Writer’s Notion

When you the trailer of this movie, you will think that it seems pretty cool. One horror movie about one kid with a very “strange illness” that is looking for unorthodox treatment, however, the place is a haunted house and he had been terrorized by ghosts. And that is what you are led to believe.

At first, you will not think it as slow and the pace seems appropriate. It did not take that long before all of that freaky stuff happens, like the jumps that are too loud and that weird girl from outside who is strangely obsessed with him. The last 10 minutes of this film is where it will hit the fan, and then you will discover what’s really going on, and then you will see that it is not what you really thought it is. It would have been a fantastic film if they did not take it to that extra step, as to my perspective.

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