Escape Room, 2019

This is an American psychological horror movie of director Adam Robitel with the writers Maria Melnik and Bragi F. Schut. The film followed the group of people that are being sent to navigate the series of the deadly escape rooms.

Cast Lists

  • Taylor Russell appeared as Zoey Davis                                    
  • Nik Dodani appeared as Danny Khan
  • Yorick van Wageningen appeared as the Gamemaster   
  • Deborah Ann Woll appeared as Amanda Harper
  • Jay Ellis appeared as Jason Walker                                           
  • Tyler Labine appeared as Mike Nolan
  • Logan Miller appeared as Ben Miller


Six individual from varied backgrounds had been presented with the puzzle cube: Zoey, the physics student; Jason, the rich daytrader; Ben, the stockboy; Mike, the truck driver; Amanda, the Iraq War veteran; and lastly Danny, the escape area enthusiast. When these individuals solve the puzzle, they’re invited to be included in the escape room with the $10,000 prize. These participants arrived at the office block. They gathered in the waiting room, and waiting for their Gamemaster to come, but no one arrives.

When Ben attempts to go, the door handles drop off, showing that the challenge had started. The room turned out to become the giant oven that starts to heat up. These players discovered how to open the escape passage and then scale up before a room has been filled with fire. Then, they found out themselves in the winter cabin, wherein Ben realizes how to unlock the door. They go out into the icy room wherein its temperature is dropping. Then they finally located the key, but then Danny falls through an ice and drowns. The other players notice the reminders of the traumatic events from their past. The song that Ben heard before about dying inside the car crash and the red coat Jason was wearing when he escaped the shipwreck. The other five players go in the upside-down billiard bar, where the other parts of the flooring periodically drop into the deep shaft below. Then they realize that the area contains the huge sliding puzzle, and the missing 8 ball has been the key. Amanda recovered the ball and tossed it to Jason just before plummeting into her death.

The following area is the hospital ward with the six beds, and each of them represents the player. It is then revealed that these six players were the sole survivors from different disasters: Mike escaped the mine cave-in, then Zoey survived the plane crash, Danny endured from the toxins of the carbon monoxide poisoning while all his family died, Amanda survived the IED blast, Jason endured the shipwreck during frigid weather, and lastly Ben endured the car accident wherein his friends with him died. Zoey understands now that the point of this game is to identify which player will be the luckiest of them all.

Writer’s Notion

If you watch the movie without watching the trailers or reading about any backgrounds of them, then, you will not have any hopes of good movies, since it is very hard to find one these days.

Surprisingly, the movie is really enjoyable and the movie concept would take into consideration of it as more of a suspenseful. The movie will never bore you and it was not gory like the other saw films that you probably did not enjoy. The backgrounds and the characters are all adorable, mainly on those scenes that they tied altogether as one. It was really a really good movie and I am recommending this for you to watch. You will surely enjoy this up to the very end.

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