Evil Dead (2013)

pageRemakes of the past movies seem to be a current trend in the entertainment industry. This year, the popular horror films of 1981 “Evil Dead” got its second worldwide theatrical break.  The film is prospected by Director Fede Alvarez to have a great chance of success and have its place in the box office list. The thought was great but the outcome of the movie presentation did not really follow this notion. The comment of the viewers breaks into different opinions and views.

The movie is not as good as the original one

The problem of remakes is that viewers will evidently compare the old version to the latter one. For some the movie is a total copycat and the only difference is the artist playing it. The original film is good at its time and the remake must be suited in our time but the new version is somewhat not adapting to the present taste and expectation of the viewers. The movie becomes weak in pleasing the minds of the modern viewers.


A more gory presentation of the movie

Obviously, the new version is more eye-catching due to the modern film making technology. The film is much scarier, there is more gore, and there are more visual effects that make the scenes intensive. Anyone can easily spot the difference in the cinematography between the two versions.  The current movie delivers the thrill making scenes that is required for today’s horror movie.

Unprolific remake of things 

The film is truly advantageous in effects and tricks but in our present time viewers are also aware of that advancement and expect more to surpass this awareness.  They want more on every horror film they see and the Evil Dead remake just play it safe. Their effort in horrifying viewers is ordinary and common in this day and time. The younger viewers who first watch this movie will see it as a fairly thought or conceptualized film as they are very responsive in today’s horror movie production.

A good enough performance of the artist

The artists who played the characters in the movie are suited for the role. Maybe not all are terrific but they present their character to what people can accept. They are comparable to the ones that previously played the role.

Above all these statements, the movie has that “go signal” for everyone to watch. It can thrill and entertain viewers.


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