Come Play, 2020

The film is an American horror movie written and under the direction of Jacob Chase. The movie followed the parents of the elementary school student that has autism as they attempt to protect their younger son from “Larry”, the villainous nighttime ogre that preys on an innocence of children.

Cast Lists

  • Gillian Jacobs appeared as Sarah
  • John Gallagher Jr. appeared as Marty
  • Azhy Robertson appeared as Oliver
  • Winslow Fegley appeared as Byron
  • Jayden Marine appeared as Mateo
  • Gavin MacIver-Wright appeared as Zach
  • Dalmar Abuzeid appeared as Mr. Calarco
  • Eboni Booth appeared as Dr. Robyn
  • Rachel Wilson appeared as Jennifer


Oliver is the young, autistic, non-verbal boy who used the Smartphone to talk with people. He attended school and had been taken care mostly by Sarah, his mother and Marty, his father, spends most of the time at work attempting at making ends meet. Marty and Sarah’s marriage had been hard to that extent that Marty transferred. One night Oliver saw the app over his Smartphone the “Misunderstood Monsters”, telling the story of the monster known as “Larry” who “wants a pal”. Strange things start happening to Oliver right after he reads a story: lights went out with them the second face appeared on his tablet whilst he played with the picture app. At the school, Oliver was bullied by his classmate because of his condition. They lured him into the field and chuck the phone away.

One evening, Sarah organized the sleepover so Oliver will become more social. These three boys who had bullied him came over. Oliver covered the tablet since he is scared of it. One from the boys retrieved the tablet and then reads the story. Then, the lights went out and Larry appeared, but he will only be seen by a camera of a tablet. Larry attacked Byron, one from the boys, and these terrified lads all blame Oliver of the incident. As the days go by, Sarah starts to see the similar odd things Oliver did. Meeting Larry through the tablet of Oliver, she learned that Larry wished to “take” Oliver to return his home world.

In that evening, Marty takes Oliver into his evening-shift parking lot employee job. Larry, revealed as the skeletal creature the same with the ghoul, starts to stalk them. If Marty witnessed Larry picks Oliver from off the ground, at least he believes Oliver and Sarah. They broke the tablet and assumed all things will be over. Byron has been traumatized from an incident at the house of Oliver, but comes clear on what really took place, absolving Oliver of the blame. It has been revealed that Oliver and Byron were once buddies, but their friendship ended it because Oliver by chance hurt Byron that also caused their mother to break up the friendship they had and they both reconcile.

Writer’s Notion

The movie is a good horror one that had something fresh in it that will keep it interesting. The common presentation had been really good.

The pacing had been a slow burn with even more weird stuff taking place as it went on, which is the most adorable one. Being someone who hated jump scares and it was glad to know that this one did not really have that. The horror aspect had been done very well, but some will find it mild and it’s scary. There seemed to be the allegory, taking place in the technology background, making people to be lonely and isolated and that is sad. The demon can be interpreted as the representation of sadness probably as you are getting older.

It is unbelievable why this movie is having lower ratings, but at some point the movie is underrated and enjoyable. The movie is just alright, although the movie seems to be a bit repetitive and at times predictable. The movie is not that scary and at some instance, the monster was cool that did not really do anything scary and mostly just creepy the whole time.


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