Mermaid Down, 2019

This is a 91 minutes horror movie of director Jeffrey Grellman with himself also as the writer and with the co-writer and script creator Kelly Lauren Baker.

Cast Lists

  • Alexandra Bokova appeared as The Mermaid
  • Cara Bamford appeared as Susan
  • Burt Culver appeared Dr. Beyer
  • Caroline Dunaway appeared as June
  • Amber Gaston appeared as London        
  • Zana Glisovic appeared as Natasha          
  • Erin LaMere appeared as Linda  
  • Drew Moore appeared as Lawrence
  • Eryn Rea appeared as Charlotte
  • E. Shepherd Stevenson appeared as Stanley
  • Megan Therese Rippey appeared as Reyna
  • Phillip Andre Botello appeared as Dr. Miller
  • Ashley Cordelia appeared as Rebecca
  • Jessica Honor Carleton appeared as the Nurse Margaret
  • Shani Drake appeared as Alex
  • Michelle Gallagher appeared as Sandra
  • Meggan Kaiser appeared as The Ghost
  • Melissa Lugo appeared as Nima and as Melissa Perl
  • Graham Drake-Maurer appeared as James Michael
  • Tim Ray appeared as the Sadistic attendant
  • Duane Sincerbox appeared as the Truck Driver


…“Takes mermaid back in the past, that little mermaid and splash to the even more prehistoric and lethal versions in the tales like the odyssey”.

A mermaid has been ripped out from the Pacific Ocean. The mermaid’s tail has been brutally hacked or chopped off by an axe of the fisherman. After she has been captured, she has been thrown into one of the mental home for women wherein no one believes that she is really a mermaid.

It has been told many times that not all the girls at the Beyer Mental Health are really crazy but no one trusts that notion. One of them is a real mermaid, but nobody takes it seriously.

Writer’s Notion

It is really strange that someone decided to watch the movie is complaining regarding the movie darkness. I believe that they are confusing the genre. It is really a horror film and the darker and the creepier it is, the better! Though it is really enjoyable and the twisted mermaid tale line it is certainly not that dark enough for the critics.

That is why, the independent moviemaking is admirable. If you watched also this movie, you will also wish, (like us) that not so much of the segments in the movie was cut, particularly in the last version. You can see how great are the artist performances are and absolutely, a mind-blowing silent, which is not a vain portrayal of a mermaid. The realism of the animalistic nature and the messy hair is very much appreciated. Those girls in the mental house were all acting wild with some actually, fun dialogue. The casting is also great and we are wishing to see more of this type of movie in the years to come.

The negative reviews so lame, but these are funny as well. For those that are still not able to watch this movie, I suggested that you watch this without any expectations at all, since the trailer was really a bit jumpy. The movie really turned out as a pretty good one and although there are some issues with the technical aspects of their shots. But this mermaid performance was really very impressive and their ghost idea was really fun.

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