Flatliners (2017)


The movie is a psychological horror, science fiction film by director Niels Arden Oplev with the writer Ben Ripley. The movie is a remake from the similar title movie of 1990. It followed the five medical learners who tried to make experiments that create near-death encounters.

The Cast List:

Ellen Page played as Dr. Courtney Holmes

Jenny Raven played as Irina Wong

Kiefer Sutherland played as Doc Barry Wolfson

Miguel Anthony played as Cyrus Gudgeon

Madison Brydges played as Tessa Holmes

Kiersey Clemons played as Doc Sophia Manning

Nina Dobrev played as Marlo

Diego Luna played as Ray

Beau Mirchoff played as Brad

Charlotte McKinney played as the Girl on Bicycle

James Norton played as Jamie

Kiefer Sutherland played as Dr. Nelson Wright

The Story Line:


Courtney, the medical student was obsessed with the thought of the afterlife, wishing to know early what really happens after death. Courtney invited her fellow learners Jamie and Sophia to join with her in doing the experiment, inside the room of unused hospital. Through using a defibrillation so it can stop her heart just for 60-seconds whilst documenting her brain, and reviving her. She assured them that they would not be accountable for any of the accidents. But Sophia is not agreeing with this, and Jamie did it anyway. After a minute, they panic when they were not able to take her back, and finally handle it with the assistance from the fellow learner Ray. Later, Marlo the rival of Ray came and discovers the experiment.


Initially Courtney started to recall memoirs of the past happenings like the recipe of her grandmother for making bread. Courtney encounters euphoria and increased intelligence, unexpectedly able to participate by playing a piano 12 years ago and answered questions in the class perfectly. Jealous, Jamie flatlines, but had the troubling near death encounter as he sees his ex-girlfriend. Jamie and Courtney begin seeing visions, and are not telling the others. Sophia and Marlo followed Flatline and suit, for the rising number of minutes. The two experience identical positive outcomes as Courtney.

The Writers View:

When we talk of remaking a film, it should be a good try to make the first movie a better one out of a new idea and that something should be that impressive to start anew. If the original movie was already solid one and both the critics and the audiences accepted it, then the remake should be harder and more solid that when compared to the first one, there will be no ashamed or else don’t bother remaking it all. This film is a movie that was released way back in 1990 and it is an enjoying film to watch, although the overall outcome has so many matters of its own. In this movie, it still needs some improvement and the version of the movie becomes the supernatural thriller when the time came for their third act, making the viewers to watch a confusing film at all.


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