Freaky, 2020

The film is an American slasher comedy movie of director Christopher Landon, from the screenplay by Landon and Michael Kennedy. The twist on the Freaky Friday, the movie centers on the teenage girl who accidentally switched bodies with the middle-aged guy serial killer.


  • Vince Vaughn appeared as a Blissfield Butcher. The aging serial killer identified as the urban legend in a city.
  • Vince Vaughn appeared as a Blissfield Butcher. The aging serial killer identified as the urban legend in a city.
  • Celeste O’Connor appeared as Nyla Chones, the friend of Millie
  • Misha Osherovich appeared as Josh Detmer, the other friend of Millie
  • Alan Ruck appeared as Mr. Bernardi, the unsympathetic and abusive wood shop teacher of Millie
  • Uriah Shelton appeared as Booker Strode, the crush of Millie
  • Dana Drori appeared as Charlene Kessler/Char, the police officer and the older sister of Millie
  • Katie Finneran appeared as Coral Kessler, Millie and Char’s alcoholic widowed mother


Four teenagers were brutally murdered by the serial killer called as Blissfield Butcher, who stole an ancient dagger called as the La Dola. The following day, the bullied HS learner Millie Kessler attended their Blissfield Valley HS homecoming football game, wherein she presents as a school mascot. Since Millie waited for her ride home close by a now-empty school, this Butcher attacked her. He stabbed Millie in her shoulder with the La Dola, making the same wound to automatically come out on his shoulder. Charlene, the police officer, arrived and scared off this Butcher. This police officer collected the La Dola as the evidence and initiated the manhunt for a Butcher.

The next morning, Millie and the Butcher discovered that they had switched bodies and that they both mutually created their way to the Blissfield Valley HS. At the school, the Butcher, posing now as Millie, killed Ryler, Millie’s chief tormentor by bolting her in the cryotherapy tank in a locker room of a girl. He realized his innocent appearance granted him immunity from the suspicion and murdered the woodshop professor Mr. Bernardi, another mentor of Millie, with the table saw. Now, Millie, in a Butcher’s body, locates Nyla and Josh, her best friends to prove her identity by performing the mascot’s dance routine of the school and answering the sequences of personal questions. Josh and Nyla research La Dola where they discovered that Millie should stabbed the Butcher with a dagger in midnight or else their body will be permanently switched.

Later that afternoon, this Butcher entices Millie’s crush Booker in the monster tiny golf course to slay him, but then Nyla, Josh, and Millie arrived just in time for saving him. Millie knocked both the Booker and the Butcher unconscious, and then she and her buddies bring the two in the house of Josh. After attempting the Butcher to the chair, Nyla and Millie tried to explain the instances to Booker, who remained unconvinced until Millie recited the love poem that she anonymously wrote for him weeks earlier. Then, Josh watched over this Butcher while Nyla, Booker and Millie drive to the station by the police to obtain the La Dola. Nyla tricked Charlene, the last police officer in the police station, to leave so she can steal that dagger. Waiting outside, inside the car, Booker revealed that he had always liked Millie then Millie revealed how she enjoyed the new found confidence and strength that she felt while inside the body of Butcher and then they kiss.

Writer’s Notion

You will not be so sure about what you will expect to happen. Everybody, except for Vince Vaughn, was maybe unknown to you. The previews program nothing but a comedy horror film and it take itself seriously and then emoting real emotion was the best introduction to the other parts of the movie that did not stray from its comedy element like an intro. The role of the lead female actress was performing well, but Vince totally stole the acting show as the teenage girl.

In writing these sentences, it feels weird, but their performances never gave off the inappropriate or the creepy vibe. You can locate yourself hysterically laughing for lots of the scenes and the movie will send you home, together with the unforced character development with an arc for Millie’ family and for her as well. There are also some stereotypical characters, and at some points there was the clear commentary on the old horror movies, but some other times came out as the real cliché instead of the satirized cliché. With this being said it had never been distracting and did not ruin the experiences in the slightest and with Vince Vaughn that stole every scene where he was in.

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