Friend Request (2016)


The film is an English-language of a German psychological, supernatural horror movie by director Simon Verhoeven and with writer Matthew Ballen, Philip Koch and Verhoeven.

The Cast List:

Alycia Debnam-Carey played as Laura Woodson

Liesl Ahlers played as Marina Mills or Marina Nedifar

Shashawnee Hall played as Detective Cameron

Connor Paolo played as Kobe

William Moseley played as Tyler McCormick

Brit Morgan played as Olivia Mathison

Brooke Markham played as Isabel

Sean Marquette played as Gustavo Garcia

The Story Line:


Laura was one of the famous learners in her college and takes pleasure an active social living with family members and has many friends. She is always on the go with social media and had more than 800 friends on the social account, Facebook. She stays in a house with three friends, Isabel, Gustavo and Olivia. She is also close to friends Kobe and is presently dating Tyler.

Laura takes the friend request from one of the students at their campus, Marina Mills. Viewing her animation talents, she accepted the friend request and started the friendship with a lonely girl. But, she notices immediately that the Facebook profile of Marina’s is plastered with disturbing and bizarre images and the obsessive behavior started to put Laura to feel uncomfortable. Then Laura shares photos of birthday dinner where Marina was not present, Marina angrily and publicly confronted her on the campus. During their fight, Laura by accident pushed Marina and the head-hood falls off, and it reveals the Marina’s baldness, and this cause Marina to go away. Laura observed Marina’s numerous comments and was trying to say sorry to her, but Laura eventually cut her friendship with Marina on Facebook.

Scene 180 INT/EXT Factory Shaft; Laura runs into Demon Marina & Marina child.

Seeing that her number of friends became zero again, the heartbroken Marina crossly closed her laptop. That evening, Laura noticed the black mirror, which illustrates the forest where the dark figure was seen walking. When Laura was staring at it, the demonic terrifying face appeared behind her, but rapidly disappeared when Olivia opens the light. Then another night, Marina uploaded the video, showing her burnt the illustration of Laura and committed suicide by placing herself hang, and this terrifies Laura.

The Writers View:

The internet may be a dark place. It is that way since people are more comfortable about saying how they feels on matters when they were hidden at the back of a computer screen, rather than facing them with someone. Through this darkness as the movie subject has been stroked on, but not totally mastered by Hollywood.

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