Gerald’s Game (2017)

The movie is a psychological horror film edited, co-written and directed by Mike Flanagan with the writer Jeff Howard. This is from Stephen King’s novel similar name.

The Cast List:

Carla Gugino played as Jessie Burlingame, wife of Gerald’s
Carel Struycken played as the Moonlight Man or as Raymond Andrew Joubert
Chiara Aurelia played as the Young Jessie
Bruce Greenwood played as Gerald Burlingame
Kate Siegel as Sally, mother of Jessie
Henry Thomas played as Tom, father of Jessie

The Story Line:


Jessie Burlingame and Gerald arrived at the isolated lake home in Fairhope, Alabama, to have a romantic weekend getaway, in trying to save the strained marriage and renew their sex life. Gerald suggested that he must handcuff Jessie and so she agreed. While he consumes the Viagra tablet, Jessie called out to the stray dog with a steak and upon re-entering in the house, he left the front entry ajar.

Jessie varies to the new evening gown, takes out the tag, and places it over the shelf above the headboard of the bed. Gerald took the next Viagra and left the glass of water over that same shelf. He controls Jessie with a handcuff on each of his wrists locked to a bedpost and started to be tough with her, revealing her to shout for assistance. She played along initially first, but soon became not comfortable with the violent fantasy, and so she told him to finish and also uncuff her. After some time of that heated argument, Gerald suffered from a heart beat and then died. His body fell off his bed, leaving Jessie being locked with her hand cuffs. Panicked, she started to shout for some, but knows that nobody will be able to hear her.

After hours of shouting and the sun start to set down, Jessie became tired and weak. The dog she provides with food earlier walks inside the room and snuffled over Gerald’s corpse. Jessie attempts to scare it so it will go away, but it just bites a piece from Gerald’s arm and then ate it by the main entrance fronting her. A distressed Jessie started to cry in seconds, Gerald stand-up, but still in pain from that dog bite with his arm. Then, Jessie is still aware of that Gerald’s dead body over the floor and was aware that living Gerald was a sign of her mind being fatigue. He mocks Jessie with the memories of the strained marriage, wherein she was scared in asking about the dark side of him. Jessie tried again and miraculously succeeded to free herself from being cuffed. She rejoices to Gerald, then turned around and told her actual self that it is just simple to escape; the escape of the actual Jessie was still trapped with her bed, and she is now in hallucination of the other version of her. Both talks to her and sets off Jessie to recall that glass of water that is above her bed. Jessie was able to hand that glass of water, but was not able drink it for it is far into her mouth. These hallucinations reminded Jessie about the tag that she put over the head shelf, where she rolled to a straw so she may drink the water.

The Writers View:

Individually, we are rating, liking and disliking movies. For this film, there are many people that says they like it, others says, they don’t. It is just clear that the film is quite a polarize novel. The movie makes the viewers feel excited about what is going to be its outcome when it became a movie. The movie is really enjoyable, knowing that it is one of King’s novels and became a movie adaptation. It is very interesting to know how they come up with such an ending that will be a talk of the town, and in most cases, this is just one movie that became a better version of the book.

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