Girl on the Third Floor, 2019

This is a horror film by director Travis Stevens with writers, Stevens, Ben Parker and Paul Johnstone. The movie tells the tales of the deeply flawed husband that renovated their old house for him and his wife, but, the supernatural events ensue while they are living there.

Cast Lists

  • CM Punk appeared as Don Koch                               
  • Eileah Pyrzynski appeared as the Baby
  • Bishop Stevens appeared as Patrolman Weaver
  • Karen Woditsch appeared as Ellie Mueller
  • Sarah Brooks appeared as Sarah Yates                   
  • Marshall Bean appeared as Geary McCabe
  • Elissa Dowling appeared as Sadie                             
  • Travis Delgado appeared as Milo Stone
  • Trieste Kelly Dunn appeared as Liz Koch                
  • Tonya Kay appeared as The Nymph
  • Anish Jethmalani appeared as their Attorney Manny Bharara


Don is a guy from Chicago with her criminal past, purchased that old house in a suburb and hope for a new beginning for his wife Liz, who is pregnant, and Cooper, their dog. Shortly right after moving in, Ellie a pastor living across their street meets Don, who seems so eager to get the chance to know him. Afterwards, Don learns from their local bartender, with regards to their house sordid past, with its effect on direct men. Don witnessed odd events within the house, like semen seeping or sludge from fixtures and random cracks and marbles that appeared out of nowhere.

Then, Don met another assumed fellow neighbor, Sarah, who simply seduces him to sleeping with her into the upstairs bedroom. Right after she left, the bedroom ceiling falls down revealing the viewing platform in their attic. The following day, Sarah appeared again and attempted on seducing Don, but then he admitted his guilt and dismissed her. Milo, the former coworker of Don, arrives at their home to help Don patched the ceiling in their bedroom and discovered Don’s affair. These two men had an argument and the Don left for more supplies, then, tells Milo to not go back if he cannot keep it as a secret. Then, during the time that Don was out, Milo followed the marble into their basement where he had been killed by Sarah. The moment Don returned and does not see Milo, Don assumed that Milo left.

The following day, Liz saw Sarah in the background during the call with Don. Turning out to be nervous, Don installed new locks and the security cameras. That evening, Sarah lures Cooper down the stairs with the marble. When Don awakens the following morning, he locates the dog dead within the dryer. Without proof of anyone going inside the house, the policemen did not help. Furious, Don waited for Sarah to emerge, then killed her and attempted to bury the body in their basement walls.

Writer’s Notion

The movie is just a bit of horror film with just an intriguing start and development and the disappointing conclusion with the inconsistent and flawed finale. What sane person could live with the baby in one haunted house right after everything happened?

The movie was actually not that good at all. There are scenes that absolutely made no sense at all. What those marbles are really meant for and why did just HE randomly swallowed one of them. The camera work had been sloppy and lazy. The fact that this is a film is not that good, who would think of making this as a film.

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