Glass, 2019

This is an American psychologist superhero and thriller movie that is written also by their director M. Night Shyamalan. The movie is the sequel and the crossover to the previous movies of Shyamalan.

Cast Lists

  • James McAvoy appeared as The Horde, Kevin Wendell Crumb     
  • Bryan McElroy appeared as Kevin’s parents
  • Owen Vitullo appeared as the eight year-old Kevin
  • William Turner appeared as the young Elijah       
  • Bruce Willis appeared as The Overseer, David Dunn
  • Spencer Treat Clark as Joseph Dunn        
  • Samuel Jackson appeared as Mr. Glass, Elijah Price           
  • Charlayne Woodard appeared as Elijah’s mother, Mrs. Price        
  • Johnny Hiram Jamison appeared as the thirteen-year-old Elijah through photographs
  • Sarah Paulson appeared as Dr. Ellie Staple
  • M.Night Shyamalan reprised his role as Jai        
  • Adam David Thompson appeared as Daryl
  • Colin Becker appeared as the ten year-old David
  • Rosemary Howard appeared as Kevin’s parents
  • Anya Taylor-Joy appeared as Casey Cooke
  • Luke Kirby appeared as Pierce


Diana Silvers, Kyli Zion, Nina Wisner and Shannon Destiny Ryan appeared as the cheerleaders.


Three weeks after that “Horde” event, David Dunn, the superhuman who endured that East rail 177 train wrecked 19 years ago, that now operates as the vigilante dubbed an “Overseer” next to his son Joseph. Jointly, they hunt down the “Horde”, Kevin Wendell Crumb at the abandoned factory wherein he holds the four cheerleaders hostage. The David engaged Kevin in the brief fight until the armed forces head by the intervened of Dr. Ellie Staple and imprisoned them at the Mental Institute at Raven Hill Memorial. Also being reserved there was David’s “destined” foe with the world terrorist Elijah Price, someone that kept under consideration and sedated completely harmless.

Kevin and David are being placed into divided rooms that contained exclusive security measures from their specific weaknesses. Ellie Staple explained that she believes that they suffered from delusions of the grandeur and does not have superpowers. Mrs. Price, the mother of Elijah, Casey Cooke and Joseph Dunn, the victims who survived the Horde/Kevin’s captivity, tried and failed to persuade Staple superhumans are true. As part of the final evaluation, Staple takes the three guys in the room where she challenged them with clarifications on why their apparently superhuman capabilities are not extraordinary. David and Kevin became distressed while Elijah remained catatonic.

That evening, Elijah escaped the cell to conduct researches on Kevin just before visiting him, then telling him he affected his sedated state, planned to escape the institution and required one of the personalities of Kevin — the Beast—in helping him. Staple discovered Elijah’s escape proceeds and plans to do the prefrontal lobotomy in silencing him. Upon going back to his cubicle, Elijah revealed he sabotaged a surgical laser and killed his caretaker Daryl just before freeing Kevin. Then Elijah manipulated David into battling the Beast through revealing his plans to destroy the chemical laboratory inside the latest skyscraper in Philadelphia which might kill thousands. David smashes free from the cell and pursued The Beast. Joseph, Casey and Mrs. Price arrived just as these three escaped.

Writer’s Notion

The viewers got to see so many identities of Kevin, but it is thought that the less was even more in its case. McAvoy did the best job, but lots of parts felt as the forced spot for most of the random characters in popping out. Anya Taylor gave that best performance, but what she does, did not buy due to the poorer writing and the immature emotional weights. Though, she did her job so well to lift up the materials, and what she did was admirable. But in the finale, it was not so believable. And honestly, there are some thoughts that her acting is not really needed in this movie. And finally, Shyamalan’s guts in sending of the major characters in a manner that he has been admirable. But, the means they went off did not do the proper justice into them. The similar thing would have been completed in a lot great way.

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