Good Tidings, 2016

The film is an American horror movie of director and writer Stuart Bedford and with the other writers namely Giovanni Gentile and Stu Jopia.

Cast Lists

  • Colin Murtagh appeared as Frank Roland
  • Garry McMahon appeared as Paul O’Connor
  • Andrew Oyeneyin appeared as Reggie Bannister
  • Steve Sears appeared as Roger Rogerson
  • Liam Ashcroft appeared as Moe
  • Claire Crossland appeared as Roxy Muller
  • Neil Gallagher appeared as Dead Santa
  • Marcella Hazell appeared as Val Lawton                
  • Emma Hind appeared as May Johnston
  • Debbey Clitheroe appeared as the Homeless person
  • Amanda Robertshaw appeared as the Homeless Person
  • Alexander Mounsey appeared as Marcus Jones
  • Alan Mulhall appeared as Sam Baker
  • Wensday Pain appeared as the Homeless Person
  • Julia Walsh appeared as Mona O’Connor
  • Stu Jopia appeared as Curly
  • Mark Crellin appeared as the Homeless Person
  • Giovanni Gentile appeared as Larry
  • Jonny Hirst appeared as Jon Latham


The man who was wearing a Santa Claus outfit left the house. The yard enclosing the home appears rough and the guy may be coming off the bender. That is when the three guys attacked him, all was in suit of what appears to be a hospital outfit and all are wearing masks. Then, they ended up murdering the man. Then, these three men were also all wearing a Santa Claus outfit and still with a mask. The faces of the three men were not seen, however, they were given with the identities as “Three Stooges” Larry (Giovanni Gentile) Moe (Liam Ashcroft) and Curly (Stu Jopia).

Frank Roland was digging by the garbage. He is a former world war veteran that was running away from a thing in his movie. Jon Latham, another homeless man was watching and asked him if he can join Frank. Frank took him to where he’d been staying. In an abandoned courthouse, a bunch of the other homeless people is staying-in to get warm and be out of the outside cold especially during the night. The homeless people have procured enough goods to put on the table and have their own little Christmas party. At their party, Frank talked to the young lady, the former junkie, Roxy Muller, but through the assistance of Frank, she has been clean.

Things take quite a turn when these three Santas’ showed up, chained and shut the door and then they began to toy with whoever were stuck inside. Some were killed and most of them are rounded up. These homeless people with their checkered past should depend on each other because of these three vicious psychopaths that target them, whom they knew were good people because they were all wearing Santa suits during Christmas Day, but with a face mask on them.

Writer’s Notion

The film was the one being heard about from the podcasts that some people listened to. After watching the movie, you can say that the movie will hit you and will leave you with lots of positive traits and thinking. The concept of the three Santas joining in and wrecking them is a real terrifying Christmas twist for a Santa. The characters are innocent and also perverting like what the movie did. It is scarier knowing that those mental patients are doing something odd and unexpected. Although, most of what they did does not make any sense, but it explained that they’re crazy and their thinking is not straight, so whatever comes to their mind, they will put into action and not all the things they have done is rational but acceptable for crazy people.

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