Goodnight Mommy, 2014

The film is an Austrian psychological horror movie by the writer and director Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz. The movie was chosen as an Austrian entry for their Best Foreign Language Movie during the 88th Academy Awarding; however, this movie was not nominated.

Cast Lists

  • Susanne Wuest appeared as Mother
  • Hans Escher appeared as Priester
  • Erwin Schmalzbauer appeared as Akkordeongott
  • Elias Schwarz appeared as Elias 
  • Christian Schatz appeared as Bauer
  • Georg Deliovsky appeared as Pizzalieferant
  • Karl Purker appeared as Rotkreuz Sammler
  • Lukas Schwarz appeared as Lukas
  • Elfriede Schatz appeared as Rotkreuz Sammlerin
  • Christian Steindl appeared as Mesner


After undergoing the cosmetic facial surgery, the lady goes back home to the isolated, modern lakeside house and with her 9-year-old sons who are twins, Lukas and Elias. Her head is wrapped in bandages, with her mouth and eyes only visible. The twins were unnerved by the appearance of their mother and are even taken aback during that time that she starts to exhibit odd behavior. She pointedly ignored Lukas and appeared to acknowledge only Elias in the conversation. Although, during the mid of summer, their mother ordered them twins to maintain their blinds closed in the morning, imposed the strict rule of quietness in the house, and allowed them to play only in the outdoors. The mother acted cruelly and lashed out physically at Elias, when he is disobedient or mischievous. The boys commented that it is something that their mother would not do.

The twins start to suspect that behind the bandages, their own mother possibly not the same person. Their doubts were confirmed when they look at the old photo that showed their mother with another strange woman who is also wearing identical clothes while sharing similar physical behavior. With their suspicion that the lady residing in their home is one impostor, the twins run away from their house and go inside a church in their nearby town, wherein they tried to have some help from their church priest. The priest drove them home, and has been satisfied with the explanation of the lady that she is the mother.

Then, the boys were tied by the woman to their beds and refused to let them go until she told them where the real mother is. This lady insisted that she is the real mother, and this twin burned her face, using the magnifying glass, to attempt to get the lady and to tell them the whereabouts of their mother. They seal her mouth using a tape to keep the lady from screaming or talking.

Writer’s Notion

This Austrian psychological horror and drama movie might not fit for everyone, simply because it’s a bit slow during the first half and is then only suggestively unsettling than the full on the scare. However, the slow pace will keep you interested and it will absolutely pay-off you’re patiently waiting.

Well the movie will totally catch off-guard. You will not have any idea what will come next and what to anticipate. The movie is a story of the twins with their mother who just had a surgery and became unrecognizable to her twins, and the rest is what you need to watch and find out for yourself what will happen next.

So yeah, this movie is strongly recommended to watch by those patient viewers who are looking for a kind of horror that is not all about jumping from cheap scares but, this is more of the psychological one.

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