Halloween 2018

The movie is an American slasher film by director David Gordon Green with the writers Jeff and Green Fradley and also Danny McBride. This is the eleventh installment of the Halloween movie series, and the direct sequel of the 1978 movie of similar name, thus retroactive continuity of the earlier sequels.

The Cast Lists

Jamie Lee Curtis played as Laurie Strode, was the only survivor of the 1978 killing spree of Michael Myers that suffered from the post-traumatic stress disorders. She is mother of Karen and also the maternal grandmother of Allyson.

James Jude Courtney played as The Shape or Michael Myers, the masked figure that carried out the horrific massacre on the 1978 Halloween night, and returned to the Haddonfield for one more killing spree.

Will Patton played as Frank Hawkins, the sheriff’s deputy that arrested Michael following the killing spree of 1978, and mainly teamed up with Laurie with the effort to murder Michael.

Haluk Bilginer played as Michael’s psychiatrist, Dr. Ranbir Sartain, who was formerly the student of another doctor, Dr. Sam Loomis, the former psychiatrist of Michael from the first movie.

Andi Matichak played as Allyson Nelson, the granddaughter of Laurie and also the daughter of Karen.

Dylan Arnold played as Cameron Elam, boyfriend of Allyson’s and in the first film, Lonnie Elam’s son.

Brien Gregorie played as Kevin’s Father    

Kurt Deimer played as the Teller

Christopher Allen Nelson played as the Officer Francis

Charlie Benton played as the Officer Richards

Drew Scheid played as Oscar, best friend of Cameron.

Nick Castle played as Michael Myers.

Miles Robbins played as Dave, boyfriend of Vick. 

Michael Harrity played as the Warden Kuneman.

Marian Green played as Gina Panchella.   

Marian Sing played as Andrea Wagner.

Vince Mattis played as Kevin

The Story Line

On the evening of the 40th anniversary of the Murders of Babysitter in the Haddonfield, the true-crime podcasts Dana Haines and Aaron Korey travel to the Smith’s Grove Sanitarium for the purpose of visiting Michael Myers prior to transfer to the new facility. The two briefly interviewed Dr. Ranbir Sartain, Michael’s psychiatrist and the previous learner by the Dr. Samuel Loomis, whom informed them that Michael has the ability to talk, but settles on not speaking. Michael’s mask at Aaron brandishes in hopes of getting some insight to his previous actions, to no result.

In Haddonfield, Illinois, Miss Laurie Strode is the two times divorced alcohol living in the isolation after she developed agoraphobia. Laurie dwells in the heavily fortified home, where she has set for Michael’s possible return through an extensive combat teaching. The following evening, Michael’s transport inexplicably collides and he escaped, murdering the bus driver, the security guard, together with a father and his only son for their vehicle. The following day, on Halloween, Aaron and Dana were spotted by Michael visiting the grave of his sister. He pursues their truck to the gas station, where there he murdered the pair, as well as to the clerk and the mechanic for the overall. Michael recovered his mask and goes to Haddonfield. Laurie warned Karen, her estranged daughter and Ray, the son-in-law, about Michael’s getaway, but then, they dismiss the concern.

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