Halloween II, 2009

It is an American slasher movie, directed, produced and written by Rob Zombie. This movie is the sequel to the 2007 Zombie’s remake of the 1978’s Halloween, also the 10th installment of the franchise of Halloween.

Cast Lists

  • Malcolm McDowell appeared as Samuel Loomis                
  • Silas Weir Mitchell appeared as Chett, a Bringer of Death
  • Richard Riehle appeared as the Night Watchman, Buddy
  • Octavia Spencer appeared as Nurse Daniels
  • Angela Trimbur appeared as Laurie’s new friend, Harley David
  • Unaccredited girl appeared as the Young Annie Brackett
  • “Weird Al” Yankovic appeared as himself
  • Mary Birdsong appeared as Nancy McDonald     
  • Bill Fagerbakke appeared as Deputy Webb   
  • Danielle Harris appeared as Annie Brackett
  • Chris Hardwick appeared as David Newman        
  • Scout Taylor-Compton appeared as Angel Myers or Laurie Strode
  • Brea Grant appeared as Laurie’s new friend, Mya Rockwell           
  • Mark Christopher Lawrence appeared as the Deputy Fred King   
  • Chase Wright Vanek appeared as the Young Michael Myers
  • Tyler Mane appeared as Michael Myers
  • Betsy Rue appeared as Jazlean Benny
  • Daniel Roebuck appeared as Big Lou
  • Sean Whalen appeared as Becks
  • Richard Brake appeared as Gary Scott
  • Mark Boone Junior appeared as Floyd
  • Sheri Moon Zombie appeared as Deborah Myers
  • Dayton Callie appeared as Coroner Hooks
  • Brad Dourif appeared as the Sheriff Lee Brackett
  • Howard Hesseman appeared as Uncle Meat
  • Margot Kidder appeared as Barbara Collier


During his moments at the Smith’s Grove Sanitarium, this young Michael Myers was visited by Deborah his mother who gave him a gift, the white horse statuette. Fifteen years after, Laurie Strode has been wandering all over in shock right after having shot the adult Michael. The Sheriff Lee Brackett locates Laurie and took her to a hospital.

In the mean time, the paramedics lift up Dr. Sam Loomis Michael’s psychiatrist, and Annie Brackett, who endured having been attacked by Michael, also took them to the hospice. Michael’s body has been taken in the other ambulance. When a driver had the traffic accident, Michael awakened and escapes, murdering the paramedic being injured in an accident. After a year, Laurie has been staying with the Bracketts and Michael was missing and was presumed dead. Whilst Laurie dealt with her shock, Dr. Loomis had chosen to turn events in the opportunity to write in another book.

Somewhere else, Michael, who is has still been alive and surviving as one drifter, had been having images of the ghost of his mother and the younger version of him, who instructed him to join Laurie. Michael arrived at the farm and killed the owners, and then he sets-off for the Haddonfield. As Michael takes a trip to Haddonfield, Laurie starts having images that mirrored the past of Michael. Her images also started begin to include the acting out of the killing of Michael. In the meantime, Loomis goes on a trip to have a promotion of his latest book, and only to be condemned by the public, that blamed him for the actions of Michael and also for exploiting the passing of Michael’s victims. During the released of Loomis’ book, Laurie discovered that she had been the real Angel Myers, the long-lost sister of Michael. She went to the Halloween party with Harley and Mya to flee off how she has been feeling.

Writer’s Notion

The reviews and comments here will so far sum up all perfectly. It is bad beyond faith. It is not suspenseful or scary at all, and there are just some back to back mean-spirited, brutal and ugly killings. The major characters are not likable at all particularly Laurie Strode. Everyone wanted to see Curtis to endure every time that she played Laurie. Laurie is just bad that she should have been the primary to had been wiped out and there is no actual story either, just visuals and ideas that ripped from Leatherface, Freddy, and Jason, plus some other stuff that should have come from meth and cocaine usage. Zombie should begin paying people like Cunningham and some of the others that ghost direct the movies.

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