Halloween: Resurrection 2002

This film is an American slasher movie of director Rick Rosenthal. Sean Hood and Larry Brand devised the screenplay. The movie follows Michael Myers goes on his murderous run amok in Haddonfield, his hometown, when his derelict, old childhood home had been used for one live internet horror performance.

Cast Lists

Busta Rhymes appeared as Freddie Harris 

Marisa Rudiak appeared as Nurse Phillips

Rick Rosenthal appeared as Professor Mixter 

Haig Sutherland appeared as Aron

Katee Sackhoff appeared as Jennifer Danzig

“Jen”  Brad Sihvon appeared as Charlie Albans

Sean Patrick Thomas appeared as Rudy Grimes Tyra

Banks appeared as Nora Winston

Jamie Lee Curtis appeared as Laurie Strode Brent

Chapman appeared as Franklin Munroe

Lorena Gale appeared as Nurse Wells

Dan Joffre appeared as Willie Haines

Bianca Kajlich appeared as Sara Moyer

Luke Kirby appeared as Jim Morgan

Brad Loree appeared as Michael Myers 

Gus Lynch appeared as Harold Trumble

Ryan Merriman appeared as Myles Barton “Deckard” 

Daisy McCrackin appeared as Donna Chang

Thomas Ian Nicholas appeared as Bill Woodlake


Following the killings at Hillcrest Academy, the guilt-ridden and the traumatized Laurie Strode had been confined to the psychiatric facility right after killing the guy whom she had wronged for her fatal brother Michael Myers. When the two nurses talk regarding what really happened, flashbacks revealed that the paramedic had located the unconscious Michael at his school before he abruptly awakened and harassed the paramedic, crushing the larynx and so that he cannot speak; Michael swapped the clothes with an unconscious paramedic, and then left the school grounds unnoticed when Laurie drove off inside the ambulance when she thought Michael was in, but ended up beheading the wrong person.

While on 31st of October, 2001, after 3 years of trouncing, Michael emerges on trying to kill Laurie again, who had been institutionalized at Grace Andersen Sanitarium. Anticipating his arrival, Laurie set the trap for him. Right after killing the two security guards, Laurie had been attacked and chased by Michael to the rooftop of the institution, where she traps worked and temporarily incapacitated Michael. But, Laurie’s fears of murdering the wrong person one more time get the best of her, and that moment she tried on removing the mask to have a confirmation of his identity, Michael already stabs and throws Laurie off the rooftop and she died.

After one year, the college students Bill Woodlake, Sara Moyer, Donna Chang, Jim Morgan, Rudy Grimes and Jen Danzig won the battle to appear on the Internet reality show named as Dangertainment, under the direction of Nora Winston and Freddie Harris wherein they need to spend the evening in the abandoned childhood house of Michael just in order to find out what made him to killing. But, while setting up the cameras throughout the entire house in preparation of their upcoming show, Charlie, the cameraman has been murdered by Michael, who had returned to Haddonfield. During the evening of Halloween, equipped with her head-cameras, Jen, Jim, Rudy, Sara, Bill, and Donna entered the house and then separated into three teams to look for clues, while Sara had been messaging her friend Deckard watches a live broadcast during the party, but while on search, Michael suddenly appeared and killed Bill.

Writer’s Notion

If the viewers of this movie are very observant, they can sense that the characters in the movie are not being real with one another. Even in the finale of the movie, when you had that part of already knowing them, you will feel that they do not care enough with each one of them. There are scenes that the viewers will also look forward to the demise at Michael’s hands, because this is how flat and how despicable the characters are. Even their lead role actor does not have that much personality. She is smart, decent and nice, just like Laurie, but at some point, she does not have that much of a personality. It can be thought that her character was not developed enough, or else, she could have created a good heroine. The others of the characters in the movie are people you had pretty much hope was getting killed, especially that tech lady performed by Tyra Banks with the most of the other kids that toured in the haunted house. Horrible people, hastily made personalities and Busta Rhymes played the typical dark dude with the boisterous personality. Not really a bad acting work, however, what a usual cliché character.

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