Happy Death Day 2017

The movie is an American slasher film by director Christopher Landon with the writers Scott Lobdell and it is produced under the Blumhouse Productions banner of Jason Blum.

Happy Death Day 2017

The Cast Lists

Jessica Rothe played as Theresa Gelbman or “Tree”

Caleb Spillyards played as Tim Bauer

Tran Tran played as Emily

Missy Yager played as Mrs. Gelbman

Israel Broussard played as Carter Davis    

Laura Clifton played as Stephanie Butler  

Blaine Kern III played as Nick Sims

Rachel Matthews played as Danielle Bouseman   

Dane Rhodes played as Officer Santora

Cariella Smith played as Becky Shepard

Phi Vu played as Ryan Phan

Charles Aitken played as Gregory Butler

Jason Bayle played as David Gelbman

Tenea Intriago played as Student Protestor

Ruby Modine played as Lori Spengler

Rob Mello played as John Tombs

The Story Line

After drunken partying during the past evening, the university student Theresa, known as “Tree” wakes up in the morning of her birthday inside the dorm area of Carter Davis, her classmate. She ignored the phone call coming from David, her father and releases Carter while sending off his room and toss-away the birthday cupcake handed to her by Lori Spengler, the sorority housemate. Tree also saw Gregory Butler, her married professor, with whom she’s having an affair issue. That evening, on her way going to the party, Tree is being lured into the tunnel and was killed by the figure wearing mask of their campus mascot – the baby.

Tree rapidly awakens in the similar manner that she had before – in the bed of Carter – and is unnerved that she discovered that the earlier day’s events are repeating themselves. Puzzled, nonetheless, she relived the day and applies this second opportunity to keep the tunnel and to reach the party. But, the masked killer keeps on following her up to the party, then, murders her again. Again, Tree wakes up in the bed of Carter, and realizes that she’s in the time loop and then barricades herself in the sorority house room so she can avoid her death. However, the killer is already hiding in there and then slays her for the third time.

When she wakes up again, Tree relayed her death story to Carter. Carter suggested taking advantage of this loop so she can identify her killer. Tree spends the following iterations trailing to people she is considering suspects and getting murder each time. Right after her wake from the loop where she was bludgeoned, Tree feels dizzy and awakens again in the hospital of the campus. Her body showed the evidence of the recovery from the multiple traumatic injuries, signifying that she had this retained physical damage from the previous deaths. But after she escaped from the hospital, Tree is being followed and killed again.

The Writers View

The movie was a surprising one to be like and it was just done really well that it worked on every level. The movie is a one that really worked nice and surprisingly better than what is expected of it.

This kind of movie had been made many times before, but, it rarely succeeds, however, this one had hit their viewers. Jessica Rothe’s performance here is what makes the movie interested. She nailed her performance here and was funny and convincing as well.

I will not elaborate it that much, but the twists and turns towards the end of this movie were really a nice surprise which earned that added points from their viewers. This is a classified Mystery, Thriller and a Horror movie, but it is also some sort of comedy film since I locate myself laughing most of the times. Certainly this movie is a must-see one, an entertaining film that has been produced and executed really well, and way much better than the many other movies in this genre.

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