Happy Death Day 2U, 2019

This film is an American comedy, science fiction slasher movie directed and written by director Christopher Landon. The movie followed Tree Gelbman (Rothe), that has been transported accidentally to one more dimension, where she should relive a different edition of the similar day, repetitively as she tried to go back home, while the current killer is over the loose.

Cast Lists

  • Jessica Rothe appeared as Tree Gelbman
  • Caleb Spillyards appeared as Tim Bauer 
  • Tran Tran appeared as Emily       
  • Sarah Yarkin appeared as Dre Morgan   
  • Steve Zissis appeared as Dean Bronson Charles Aitken appeared as Gregory Butler
  • Israel Broussard appeared as Carter Davis            
  • Jimmy Gonzales appeared as the hospital police official
  • Tenea Intriago appeared as student protester    
  • Rob Mello appeared as John Tombs
  • Rachel Matthews appeared as Danielle Bouseman           
  • Suraj Sharma appeared as Samar Islam
  • Cariella Smith appeared as Becky Shepard
  • Phi Vu appeared as Ryan Phan
  • Missy Yager appeared as Julie Gelbman
  • Jason Bayle appeared as David Gelbman
  • Laura Clifton appeared as Stephanie Butler
  • Blaine Kern III appeared as Nick Sims
  • Ruby Modine appeared as Lori Spengler


Ryan, the college student woke up in his auto on Tuesday. Going back to the dorm room, he walked in over Carter, his roommate with Tree, Carter’s girlfriend. He resumed the work on the experimental quantum reactor together with the fellow learners Dre and Samar. After the school dean, Bronson, shuts down the plan in triggering some more power outages, Ryan has been murdered by somebody dressed as Babyface, woke up again on 19th of Tuesday. Tree explained her encountered reliving Monday, and with Carter agreed to aid Ryan. They discovered the reactor was accountable for making the loop.

The latest Babyface tracks down Ryan, but Tree expose him to unveil one more Ryan. The next Ryan warned that the previous one should die for a loop to secure. Afraid, Ryan activated the reactor, letting go of the strong energy pulse that hits everyone unconscious. Tree woke up in the room of carter on Monday, and relives her inventive time loop, but soon she realized things are not the same after discovering that Carter is dating a much nicer Danielle now. Ryan theorized that a reactor caused Tree in drifting into one more dimension. When Tree discovered that her mother is alive in this current reality, she chooses to stay.

That evening, Tree went to the hospice to intercept John Tombs, the serial killer just before escaping, but is being confronted by the police official. Babyface killed the officer, and then Tree jog into Lori in the elevator, appreciating she is not the murderer in this truth. Lori told Tree that Babyface can’t be Tombs since she just taken him in for a surgery. Babyface stabbed Lori, and then chases Tree into the roof, where she’d accidentally dropped down to death.

Writer’s Notion

The movie tried to give an explanation of a phenomenon that befell a Tree in their first film. This all involved the science project went wrong and that bunch of moment-looping the sci-fi jumbo mumbo that is not nearly smart as the film thinks it is. It must be the franchise, wherein you may just turn the brain off and had the best time. Instead, the movie wanted the viewers to think and that is the biggest mistake. Lots of the “science” stuffs make a bit no sense, and make us thought about it will only makes us recognize how convoluted a disarray this story is. It will not even take into that eye-roll worthy plan conveniences that need to exist in a movie to even move onward in some spots.

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